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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #27

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Nokia launches iSIM Secure Connect

Nokia has released new software to help operators cope with the provisioning of cellular IoT devices and subscription management. The software, called iSIM Secure Connect, relies on embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) technologies combined with reliable digital identification, allowing telecom service providers to quickly and securely authenticate and manage cellular IoT devices. The software is vendor agnostic and can be installed in a variety of network and cloud environments, providing a myriad of IoT use cases and business models.

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Lumen strikes a deal with Microsoft

Lumen Technologies has announced that it has entered a long-term partnership with Microsoft to take advantage of the Azure cloud platform. The duo plans to integrate Microsoft’s Azure stack with Lumen’s bare metal edge computing service, allowing customers to run Azure-based applications wherever the edge network can reach. Lumen will also use the cloud vendor to meet its IT needs and promote Azure as the preferred public cloud vendor for the company’s customers. For its part, Microsoft will use Lumen as the preferred vendor to meet the needs of its network.

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Telefonica announces partnership with TikTok

Telefónica has announced a partnership with TikTok. The partnership will work towards creating innovative ways for the TikTok users to watch TikTok content across all Telefónica services. The partnership will cover a wide range of local activities in Telefónica’s main markets across Europe and Latin America, putting emphasis on three areas: marketing campaigns, service distribution and technological efficiency, and development of new services and revenue opportunities. Moreover, the pair announced the launch of TikTok Extra on Movistar + Living Apps, which is integrated into Telefónica’s TV platform in Spain.

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Industry giants to sponsor US 6G research project

AT&T, Nvidia, Samsung America, Qualcomm and InterDigital have announced the launch of the University of Texas  6G Research Center (6G@UT) on the Austin campus. With a focus on next-generation wireless technologies that have a major impact on the 6G plan, 6G@UT research will explore ubiquitous sensing and machine learning and their critical role in 6G devices and the management of the future network. Each of the founders will support at least two specific three-year projects, as well as work with academics in the development of advanced technologies.

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Deutsche Telekom named the leader of enterprise 5G

Deutsche Telekom has been announced to be the vendor that offers the most diversified enterprise 5G product portfolio. The latest research has shown that the company is the market leader in this sector, and Deutsche Telekom has been recognized for offering a wide range of products, supporting four different deployment models to meet the very heterogeneous requirements of enterprises and providing flexible pricing models. A total of 20 network operators were divided into three tiers for this research. Together with Deutsche Telekom, the market leaders have been identified as China Unicom, Orange, China Mobile and Vodafone.

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