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BMW and Vodafone integrate a personal eSIM in a car

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The BMW Group is the first premium vehicle manufacturer to incorporate the 5G mobile radio standard into a globally available production car with the BMW iX, and Vodafone is the first company to sell a 5G mobile radio contract for such a vehicle. As a result of this collaboration, iX drivers will be able to sign up for a contract that will enhance their mobile connectivity, while also allowing the iX to communicate with other vehicles on the road.


Participating drivers must have a current Vodafone multi-SIM contract that can be extended with the Vodafone One Number Car option, which activates their personal eSIM in the vehicle. According to BMW, this turns the automobile into another networked gadget for consumers, similar to a smartwatch.


For the first time, Vodafone and the BMW Group will use a personal eSIM and the Vodafone One Number Car program to link the car and the client to 5G mobile radio, allowing the car to be connected with the customer’s networked ecosystem. Furthermore, the active personal eSIM is directly linked to the customer’s BMW ID and may be easily transferred to other eSIM-capable cars, together with the associated services.


The BMW iX is the BMW Group’s technological flagship and a true global leader in networking. For the first time, 5G and eSIM are being utilized in a production car. Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President of Connected Company Development and Operations BMW Group commented: “BMW has always been a pioneer in the networking of mobility. We already installed the first SIM card in a vehicle back in 1997. With the 5G Personal eSIM, we are now integrating a completely new level of connectivity for our customers in the car in cooperation with Vodafone.”

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