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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #48

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Telefonica to offer industrial 5G services in 2022

For the first time, Telefonica will provide a range of industrial 5G services to selected partners starting in January 2022. In recent years, Telefonica has tested approximately 80 use cases across several industries, with a handful of solutions now ready for implementation. Telefonica will market three particular 5G use cases for industry through its Telefonica Tech unit: autonomously guided vehicles (ATGs), remote support solutions and drone solutions. Customers will be able to access all of these services via Telefonica’s public mobile network, as well as a virtual or dedicated private network.

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Verizon scores a $34.6M contract 

The US Department of Energy has awarded Verizon Public Sector two Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts for $34.6 million. Verizon will offer voice and data services to a variety of DOE sites, including the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Under the terms of the contracts, Verizon will improve the DOE’s existing voice platform to fulfill the agency’s next-generation voice requirements. The project involves migrating from Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)-based voice technology to an IP-based voice platform. Verizon will offer data services such as optical, Ethernet and private lines, as well as internet protocol and virtual private networking.

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BT partners up with Dubber Corporation

Dubber Corporation has signed a deal with BT to make Dubber the primary recording and conversational intelligence offering in the BT Meetings suite of managed services. BT will provide unified call recording to multinational enterprises around the globe under the multi-year cooperation deal. This new deal provides an investable revenue stream for Dubber, with additional revenues dependent on BT consumer acceptance of the service. Together, the firms will assist global corporations in reaping the benefits of conversational AI at scale while also eliminating the expense and complexity of legacy call recording.

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Windstream releases enhancements to its Insights Engine

Windstream Enterprise, a communications and software company, has announced new additions to its SD-WAN with Fortinet managed service offering, which can be accessed through the WE Connect Insights Engine, and will assist clients in optimizing their networks. The WE Connect Insight Engine provides a summary and detailed view of an organization’s overall network as well as individual endpoints. It collects, assesses and records data to provide clients with improved visibility and control over their network and application performance, allowing users to better manage their networks and costs.

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Ericsson emphasizes the need of sustainability as 5G expands

According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, 5G will be the dominant mobile access technology by the end of 2027, with worldwide subscriptions reaching 4.4 billion and population coverage exceeding 75%. According to Ericsson, as 5G grows, the need to address sustainability will become increasingly crucial. While the company stated that efficiency improvements from new network technologies and innovative operational approaches are important for managing energy consumption of the network, it also stated that modernizing infrastructure and shifting to renewable energy sources are required to minimize the upward progression of global network energy consumption.

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