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SK Telecom to showcase green ICT

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SK Telecom (SKT), South Korea’s largest wireless telecommunications operator, has announced its participation in CES 2022, the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition. The expo will be held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2022, and is to showcase green Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


Because AI and telecommunications networks are at the heart of ICT innovation, they are also one of the major sources of pollution due to their high-power consumption. As a result, SKT is hastening an ICT revolution by developing and deploying low-power, high-efficiency semiconductors and energy-saving telecommunications network technologies.


SK Telecom will share an exhibition stand with SK Inc., SK Innovation, SK Hynix, SK E&S and SK Ecoplant at the upcoming expo to demonstrate various green ICT technologies and provide visitors the opportunity to experience their revolutionary, sustainable technology. The theme of their booth is the 2030 SK Net-Zero Declaration. SKT will encourage visitors to learn about its metaverse assistance, multi-use cup project, AI chips, and other ICT technological solutions that may help reduce CO2 emissions, such as optimal route navigation guidance.


SK Telecom commented: “At CES 2022, we will be showcasing cutting-edge technologies that can drive the green ICT revolution, along with innovative services that hold the power to reduce carbon generation in our daily lives. Through multifaceted efforts, SKT will become a solid leader in the era of Net Zero.”


SKT will demonstrate SAPEON, a self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) chip. SAPEON is designed to handle AI tasks more quickly and efficiently while using less power by processing large amounts of data in parallel. SKT will also debut One RAN, a technology that uses an integrated technique of 3G and LTE network products to reduce overall capacity use by roughly 53%.


Furthermore, the company will present Ifland, its metaverse platform, as a potentially viable path towards low-carbon living. Ifland allows customers to engage in carbon-generating activities such as conferences, exhibitions and business excursions around the virtual globe.


T Map, Korea’s most popular mobility platform, will also be on show. T Map helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save gasoline by recommending optimum travel routes. Through increased safety features such as abrupt brake alert, the service also helps reduce social expenditures by reducing the probability of traffic accidents.

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