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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #6

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Samsung introduces S22 flagship smartphones

At its most recent Galaxy Unpacked presentation, Samsung Electronics announced a new lineup of premium smartphones. The S22 series has three 5G models, including the top-of-the-range Ultra edition, which includes features from Samsung’s previous Note handsets. With an Armor Aluminum frame used in all three versions, Samsung promises a highly durable phone. In addition, to lessen the environmental impact of the smartphones, the business has used recovered fishing nets and post-consumer trash in numerous components such as the speaker and keys.

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FCC to tackle broadband discrimination

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced the creation of a new task force charged with establishing regulations that encourage equitable access to broadband as the organization prepares to crack down on digital discrimination. The task group will focus on developing regulations that prevent discrimination in broadband deployment based on a community’s income, racial or ethnic makeup, or other considerations identified by the government. It will also be in charge of developing model policies and best practices for use by state and municipal governments.

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Ribbon Communications to work with NamPower

NamPower, Namibia’s largest power company, has adopted Ribbon’s IP Optical portfolio for its “The GridOnline” project, according to Ribbon Communications, a global provider of real-time communications software and IP optical networking solutions. Operators around the country may use the GridOnline’s extensive backbone to dependably utilize high-capacity bandwidth both locally and globally.

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Telefonica Tech joining LACChain association

Telefonica’s digital branch has joined LACChain, a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting the adoption and development of blockchain technology in Latin America and the Caribbean. Telefonica Tech will collaborate with several LACChain companies to promote blockchain adoption in the region and to facilitate the construction of a framework for exchanging information about the technology. Telefonica Tech’s participation in the partnership allows the company to integrate its products and infrastructure into linked networks, as well as interact with the group’s blockchain companies.

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Iliad bids for 100% of Vodafone Italia

Iliad, a French telecommunications company, has made a bid to purchase Vodafone’s Italian division for more than $12.6 billion. Iliad has recently been considering ways to expand their growth in Italy, hoping to take advantage of deal fever in the Italian telecoms market to speed consolidation and end a pricing war that has slashed its profitability. If approved, the arrangement would lower the number of MNOs in Italy from four to three, but it would require Italian government approval.

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