News Roundup

A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #8

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WOW! partners with Reach Mobile

Wide Open West (WOW!) has teamed up with the MVNO aggregator Reach Mobile to launch a wireless service. WOW! mobile, powered by Reach, will be accessible in a few markets this spring, and the business is currently working on determining the initial launch sites. It is intended that the mobile product should be expanded to all of WOW! markets shortly after the launch. WOW! will be able to bring a mobile product to market rapidly by relying on their operational efficiency, a full-featured platform, and a fantastic customer experience in a lower-cost operating model by employing Reach Next.

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Audi taps Verizon for 5G vehicles

Audi of America and Verizon have launched a new cooperative venture, with the goal of utilizing Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband connection within Audi automobiles. Their offering will encompass augmented mobile services and new driving-assistance technologies, paving the road for future driverless vehicles. According to Verizon, integrating 5G connection capabilities into vehicles could enable a number of unique and improved services for users, such as quicker and more reliable video streaming, greater safety features, and upgraded driver support systems.

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Teltech announces feature redesign for Confide

Teltech has announced the launch of its first major feature makeover for Confide, the encrypted mobile messaging service that it bought in late 2020. The update contains fundamental changes to its messaging capabilities, including the addition of discussion threads and a confidential mode, as well as improvements to iMessage and the group chat experience. Confide’s new features will serve to supplement the app’s private message security settings, allowing users greater control over their private talks while also offering a more intuitive and user-friendly messaging experience.

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Nokia announces two new managed services offerings

Nokia has launched two new managed services products to assist communication service providers (CSPs) in delivering an improved customer experience and achieving faster returns on their 5G investments by better exploiting information from network data. Operations Transformation is a multi-year service that focuses on assisting CSPs through cloudification and automation to improve the efficiency and agility of their operations. The second new managed operations service is Operations Intelligence, which leverages AI-driven analytics on enormous datasets to accurately diagnose issues, with the end objective of helping CSPs to improve business outcomes such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and returns on their 5G investments.

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Vodafone Group unveils initiative to increase mobile device recycling 

Vodafone Group has announced an attempt to boost the number of mobile devices that are reused or recycled, in an effort to improve their environmental credentials. The UK-based company announced that new restrictions will be applied in its European markets in the coming months, but did not specify where the program will be initially implemented. Vodafone plans to provide device insurance, support and speedy repair services for clients. In addition, they will launch an online portal where users can arrange to trade in old phones, and the company will encourage more customers to recycle their phones as well as begin selling refurbished smartphones.

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