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ESET launches telco and ISP cybersecurity offering

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ESET, a multinational cybersecurity company, has introduced a new suite of solutions for the telecom and ISP industries, with the goal of providing consumers with comprehensive protection. The newly released ESET NetProtect suite provides network operators and end users with the tools they need to battle complex and evolving mobile threats.


The new ESET NetProtect can safeguard consumer devices linked to telecom and ISP networks from harmful web domains or domain risks such as malware, phishing and possibly undesirable material via mobile or fixed network connections. End users may utilize the ESET NetProtect administration interface to modify their connected devices’ ESET NetProtect settings, manage their domain whitelists and blacklists, and receive security reports.


These network-level solutions do not require any software installation on end-user devices because they’re compatible with every Internet-connected device, including iOS and Android, thanks to their integration into telco and ISP network services and proven activation processes. The solutions are delivered as a one-click service activation from the consumers’ trusted internet provider, and the connected devices are immediately safeguarded.


Brent McCarty, President of ESET North America, commented on the launch: “We are thrilled to launch this new suite of advanced cybersecurity products designed for service providers and their customers, which represents a critical threat vector for bad actors. At ESET, we always develop products with our customers in mind, and with our ESET NetProtect offering we have created an easy-to-use and elegant solution not only for the industry leaders in the Telco and ISP sector, but for the consumers who are the actual end users of our products.”

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