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Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud expand their partnership

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Deutsche Telekom has selected Google Cloud for its first cloud-native trials in network and data analytics. The operator expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to develop a collaborative roadmap for the telecoms sector by bringing the power of the cloud closer to mobile and connected devices at the network’s edge.


The initial phase of this extended Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud relationship will focus on core network services, network analytics and customer experience analytics.


Deutsche Telekom and Google Cloud will jointly test a range of network services in Austria, including 5G standalone and remote packet gateway operations, using Google Cloud and Google Distributed Cloud Edge. In order to leverage data-driven operations and automated workflows with open, Kubernetes-based solutions provided by Google Cloud, Deutsche Telekom will explore a number of use cases including anomaly detection, performance counters and trace data.


The operator will be able to better manage customer experiences by utilizing Google Cloud’s extensive data analytics skills to obtain an even deeper understanding of its networks. Also, in a combined proof of concept, Deutsche Telekom will test Google Cloud’s data analytics, AI and ML capabilities in an effort to enhance actionable insights, better understand customer demands, and enhance service offerings.


Claudia Nemat, board member of Deutsche Telekom, said: “We are excited to expand our partnership with Google Cloud by conducting trials in key areas that will allow us to more rapidly innovate and launch new services and customer experiences.”


“Communication service providers are increasingly looking for cloud-native solutions to advance the deployment of network functions and drive automation, elasticity, and scalability. We believe our partnership with Deutsche Telekom will deliver significantly improved experiences for end users that will ultimately raise the standard for the telecommunications industry,” commented Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

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