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Schurz Communications launches UCaaS in cooperation with Alianza

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The cloud communications platform from Alianza has been chosen by Schurz Communications, a provider of cloud services and broadband media, to offer its Antietam Broadband and Orbitel customers brand-new, cutting-edge, high-margin unified communication (UC) services and increase its addressable market.


Schurz will be able to unlock and produce additional income from its current broadband services client base with the help of Alianza’s Business Cloud Communications (BCC) and Business Text Messaging (BTM) solutions, all while streamlining its back-end processes.


Schurz sought a simple-to-deploy and maintain solution that would allow the company to rapidly extend and modify its service offerings in response to its customers’ rising demand for voice-first UC services, and their need to get such services from a reliable broadband provider.


Customers of Schurz will be able to communicate, meet, and share across all of their devices thanks to Alianzas powerful, adaptable, all-in-one Business Cloud Communications solution. Schurz will benefit from a variety of capabilities offered by the solution, including auto-attendants, extension-to-extension dialing, scalable calling plans, sophisticated call handling features, mobile applications, and collaboration tools for group messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing.


Schurz is also launching its first SMS and MSS solution with Alianza’s Business Text Messaging service, enabling businesses and organizations to send and receive SMS and MMS messages using their local, toll-free or VoIP phone lines.


Additionally, Schurz will provide the Alianza Cymbus softphone app. In order to enable its end customers to perform their work tasks while on the go, Schurz will be able to expand its corporate brand and functionality to various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.


“Going with Alianza to help us expand our service offerings and addressable market was an easy, clear-cut decision. On top of Alianza’s scalable, reliable, easy-to-manage and deploy cloud communications platform — which will allow us to help our customers as they embark on their digital and cloud communications transformations — Alianza was clearly committed to enabling our success,” said Tom Williams, Chief Technology Officer for Schurz Communications.

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