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Movius and Theta Lake announce partnership to scale mobile communications

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Theta Lake, a provider of contemporary communication compliance and security solutions, and Movius, a provider of work-from-anywhere solutions for mobile voice, text and WhatsApp, have formed a partnership to help heavily regulated industry sectors scale secure and compliant mobile communications effectively and increase productivity levels.


The combined solution of Movius and Theta Lake offers sophisticated mobile voice and messaging features, as well as integrated compliance capture, archiving and monitoring, all in a single, non-disruptive system that includes voice and electronic communications.


Movius’ MultiLine technology provides a second, dedicated business line to any cellular device, allowing customers to securely divide their professional and personal communications while using a single device. The Movius AI-powered program also connects with major messaging applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Microsoft Teams, as well as prominent CRM platforms such as Salesforce.


Theta Lake provides a cloud-first solution to facilitate archiving, securit, and compliance for unified communications such as voice, video, text and email. Theta Lake combines voice and electronic communications capture and monitoring for mobile messaging systems like Movius, eliminating context gaps and disconnects across multiple compliance teams. All texts, photos, emojis, music, video and other rich material are stored. Theta Lake’s unique AI and ML-based risk detection technology is used to provide a native presentation of messages in complete context, making it easier for compliance staff to analyze and assess a case, investigation, or policy violation.


“Our partnership with Theta Lake brings the best of both companies’ technologies together to create a winning communication and compliance solution for leading financial institutions around the world,” said Ananth Siva, CEO at Movius.


Devin Redmond, CEO and Co-founder at Theta Lake, said: “Our partnership with Movius demonstrates that better coverage through better, integrated communication and compliance solutions is the path forward. Letting end-users communicate with the right mobile messaging tools and apps that use text, voice, and rich media while having unified compliance capture, archiving, and supervision features allows regulated organizations to improve productivity, improve compliance coverage, and reduce compliance risk and complexity.”

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