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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #31

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Telstra to decommission over 160 5G sites

More than 160 5G mobile infrastructure facilities will be shut down by Telstra. The local competition authority expressed worries that the installations were set up to obstruct and stop Optus, a competitor carrier, from deploying 5G services. Months after The Australian Financial Review revealed that Optus had complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) about the sites, Telstra has accepted an enforceable promise to deregister them. Using the mostly untapped 900 MHz range, Telstra is said to have registered 315 new sites in January, mainly in major cities and rural regions.

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KDDI to compensate consumers for network outages

A month ago, KDDI had its worst network outage ever, rendering voice and internet services unavailable to millions of Japanese consumers for nearly the entire weekend. KDDI statistics show that the outage prevented more than 7.65 million users from connecting to the internet and 22.8 million customers from making phone calls. The operator has declared that it will reimburse not only the people who were directly impacted by the outage, but also its entire subscriber base. The company has pledged to pay out at least $53.84 million to its subscribers.

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Mitto partners with new MVNO imowi 

Mitto, a global supplier of omnichannel messaging services, recently announced a collaboration with CATELS’s imowi in Argentina. Through direct communication with all local mobile network carriers, this partnership will offer the optimum reach to all cell phone customers in Argentina. Mitto aims to help businesses’ omnichannel marketing and growth goals throughout Argentina via quick and effective message routing, by deepening its strategic connection with operators.

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G12 Communications launches Microsoft Operator Connect solution

G12 Communications, a unified communications services provider, has introduced its new Microsoft Operator Connect voice solution. Operator Connect enables enterprises to select their own qualified operators from within the Teams Admin Center to enable phone calling. The direct peering between G12’s infrastructure and Microsoft’s data centers is possible since G12 is a certified Operator Connect Partner. With Operator Connect, G12 can now provide a simple,  affordable alternative to clients who want to switch to Microsoft Teams, but don’t have the internal skills to operate a PBX system.  

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T-Mobile US to prioritize data traffic for emergency services

According to T-Mobile US, it is the first mobile provider in the country to automatically provide priority for emergency data traffic. In a partnership with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) of the US Department of Homeland Security, T-Mobile has committed  to maintaining a minimum connectivity performance of 512Kb/s for apps in the case of a congested network or restricted connection. T-Mobile further stated that in regions affected by natural disasters or with poor coverage, the operator will dedicate network resources to emergency services and in the support of associated organizations.

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