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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #40

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French telecoms to reduce their energy use

Orange has proposed numerous energy-saving measures in order to address the current energy crisis that is expected to strike Europe this winter. Orange has announced that it will reduce its immediate power use by 5 to 10% for one hour every day. Altice will also assess its mobile network settings and implement power consumption cutbacks based on system traffic. The telecom provider will also phase out less energy-efficient equipment and limit its use of air conditioning when feasible in its data centers. Its offices and businesses will also have tighter controls over air conditioning and lighting usage.

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Elon Musk decides to buy Twitter after all

In the upcoming days, Elon Musk and Twitter may come to a settlement to terminate their legal dispute, paving the way for the richest man in the world to finalize his $44 billion purchase of the social media company. Musk suggested to Twitter late on Monday that if Twitter withdrew its legal action against him, he would reverse direction and uphold his April deal to purchase the business for $54.20 per share. The judge overseeing the Twitter v Elon Musk trial, Judge McCormick, stated that until a formal change is made by either side, the trial would continue as scheduled.

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BT and Cisco to reduce customers’ e-waste footprints

In an effort to lessen the environmental impact of consumer e-waste, BT and its technology partner Cisco have introduced a new initiative. Network equipment that is being updated or retired in the networks of BT’s commercial clients will be returned to Cisco, where it will either be recycled or repurposed. Up to 99.9% of equipment may be reused in this way, claims BT. For the time being, the initiative will be accessible to BT’s business clients in the US, Singapore, Italy, Ireland and Switzerland.

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Avaya and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise take their partnership to the next stage

The next chapter of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) and Avaya strategic relationship has been announced. This impending phase will allow multinational organizations to develop new products more freely without the need for disruptive operational technology replacement projects. Both companies will continue to integrate their solutions in order to create unique market value propositions. This integration is critical in enabling both ALE and Avaya clients to innovate and conveniently roll out an expanding, increasingly rich and complementary set of services from both businesses.

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EU pushes for universal smartphone chargers

A proposed law that would mandate USB-C charging ports on all smartphones and tablets sold in the EU by 2024 was passed by the European Parliament. This recommendation will now be submitted for approval to the European Council. In the event that the regulations were to be implemented, they would initially be applicable to tablets, smartphones and cameras, with laptops and other small gadgets following later. The change, according to the European Parliament, would spare member states €250 million in needless charger purchases.

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