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12 articles for 12 days of Christmas 2022

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How to find work-life balance while working from home?

Working from home is the new normal, as most of society has recently discovered. However, as this new routine has set in, the problem of achieving a proper work–life balance has also barged through the door. The abrupt transition to remote work has obscured the physical and psychological barrier that existed between home and the workplace.


At first, the opportunity for the workers to work from home was seen as a positive aspect that promotes work-life balance. However, unfavorable indications emerged over time, since family and professional commitments sometimes tug employees in opposite directions.

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A guide to telecoms cybersecurity

The telecom industry is responsible for keeping the globe linked through communications services. There are many aspects of these services that we take for granted, from private calls to business interactions. However, it is only because of the telecom sector that we are able to swiftly connect to individuals all over the world, whether by phone, internet, airwaves or cables.


For years, cybercriminals have targeted telecom operators because they maintain and manage vital communications infrastructure that is used to transport and store vast quantities of private and sensitive data. Cyber-attacks on the telecom industry in particular, have risen dramatically in recent years as technology has advanced and our world has evolved to become more connected.

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Meet Dr. Marian Croak. The woman behind VoIP

We utilize Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, on a daily basis, but like many advancements, this technology began somewhere and with someone. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we are very pleased to introduce you to a woman whose extraordinary talents and forward-looking invention continues to impact our ever-changing world of technology – Dr. Marian Croak. In honor of women’s accomplishments in technology and business, today we are focusing on this exceptional person.

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Top 10 questions to ask your next VoIP provider

As VoIP technology becomes more broadly adopted, the number of VoIP providers on the market continues to grow, each with their own unique set of services. The stakes are high when it comes to your phone system, and a misstep may have a detrimental influence on your reputation and business operations. After all, you require a phone system that is trustworthy, has the functionality you need, and can scale with your business – all at a competitive price.


Switching to a different voice carrier may be a challenging exercise, and it would be a waste of your time and money to switch to a VoIP service that does not match your needs. To make migrating to a new VoIP service easier, here is a list of the top 10 questions to ask your prospective VoIP operator.

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How can VoIP improve business communications?

It is for a good reason that Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become the go-to method of telecommunications for businesses all over the world. It goes without saying that adopting VoIP for your corporate communications has a myriad of perks. In this article, we will explore the benefits of VoIP and why you should consider utilizing it for your business communication needs.

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One of the most important lessons society has learned from being stranded at home and unable to travel during a pandemic, is that once carbon emissions fall, the benefits materialize remarkably quickly. What have telecommunications providers learned during this time? Thats due to the staggering demand for digital communications at this time, the global telecom infrastructure has been forced to consume more energy than ever before, increasing the carbon footprint.


In addition, as consumers become more conscious of their impact on the global environment, the demand for more sustainable goods and services is stronger than ever. With this in mind, telecommunications companies are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work in order to reduce their environmental impact. But is achieving sustainability in telecoms a realistic mission?

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Telecoms in the Metaverse. What opportunities lay ahead?

The metaverse, a product of  today’s Internet, is being welcomed as the next phase of communications, promising superior online experiences in a shared virtual world. Some have dubbed it as the “Internet on steroids,” since instead of merely reading text and viewing videos, individuals would be able to participate in virtual realms thanks to technology like 3D and artificial intelligence.


The metaverse, one of the trendiest tech buzzwords at the moment, promises a future in which the virtual and real world are intricately linked. So, what role will telecommunications companies play in this possible future?

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Is addiction to technology something we should worry about?

The advent of the Internet, as well as the widespread usage of smartphones, tablets and personal computers, has made it harder to have a healthy relationship with technology. Could you turn off your phone and not use the Internet for 24 hours if you wanted to? How about 48 hours or even a week? The answer to this question is frequently a resounding “no”, and we all understand why this is the case. Technology is becoming more pervasive and indispensable in both our professional and personal lives.

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A world without the Internet: yay or ain’t no way?

What if one day there was no Internet? The Web as we know it would be gone for good. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google would only exist in the memories of people who lived through the Great Disconnection.


The Internet is the greatest invention and technological revolution since the printing press. Since its creation, we’ve built our whole lives around this innovation, depending on it for almost everything. But what would happen if the Internet was no more? What would life be like without the Internet?

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The ultimate checklist of cloud communication platform features

VoIP, or voice-over-internet-protocol, allows businesses to stay connected while also providing a variety of useful functions when leveraging cloud communication platforms such as PBXs, softphones and contact center software. VoIP has rapidly grown in popularity among organizations of all sizes for a simple reason: businesses seek less expensive ways to communicate without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.

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How to choose a SIP Trunking provider?

Choosing the best SIP trunking service to meet your company objectives may be a challenging task. If you have spent any time researching telecommunications services, you will know that this sector is complex, tough to navigate and offers a myriad of solutions to choose from.


Continue reading the full article to better understand what to look for when choosing the ideal provider for you. We break down some major elements of what to look for when selecting a SIP trunking service.

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A growing number of businesses are taking advantage of VoIP technology as a method of improving their telecommunications network. As a consequence of the rapid growth of VoIP technology and the resulting queries, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked VoIP questions. 

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