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Oak Innovation & Revolutionizing Teams-Ready CCaaS Solutions

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Oak Innovation has announced a partnership with Netherlands-based company to bring a Microsoft-certified omnichannel and compliant contact center solution to Teams users this spring. The integration of ClarifyGo call recording with the contact center offers customers the world’s-first voice integrated native CCaaS for Teams. In a podcast, Fabien van ‘t Woudt, Business Development Manager at ROGER365, and Chloe Emm, Director at OAK INNOVATION, discussed the integration.

With this integration, channel partner companies can “get on the Teams wagon,” says Emm, noting that people in the channel have wanted a way to go to market with Teams-ready solutions. Van ‘t Woudt highlighted how the integration creates more continuity of experience. “It makes selling the solution so much nicer”, Emm added.

The partnership between Oak Innovation and allows user-friendly and seamless integration between the call recording and contact center services. This will enable channel partners to provide Teams users with a single, integrated solution that addresses both the call recording and contact center needs.

The integration also makes it easier for resellers and service providers to sell the combined solution, as they can offer their end users a single support and billing point of contact. This simplifies the purchasing process for the end users and allows the reseller to provide a more streamlined experience.

In addition, having access to an integrated solution that is certified by Microsoft ensures a higher level of quality and performance. This is particularly important for customers who are looking for a reliable and high-performing option to meet their call recording and contact center requirements.

Overall, the partnership between Oak Innovation and offers a valuable addition to the growing ecosystem of Teams-native solutions. By providing an integrated, certified, and user-friendly CCaaS solution, the companies are making it easier for channel partners and end users to adopt and benefit from the many advantages that Teams has to offer.

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