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5G Download Speeds Rival Fixed Wireless Access in Europe

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A recent study reveals that Europe’s 5G networks are providing download speeds that could potentially make them a suitable alternative for fixed wireless access (FWA) connectivity. According to Cellsmart, Norway boasts the fastest indoor maximum 5G download speeds in Europe, reaching 1.12 Gbps, while Spain leads the outdoor segment at 1.11 Gbps.

Despite Cellsmart’s vested interest in promoting FWA solutions, the data presents an interesting analysis, considering the massive investments made by mobile network operators in 5G network deployment. When it comes to indoor download speeds, Spain takes second place with a maximum rate of 1.08 Gbps and is followed by Germany, France, and Great Britain at 929 Mbps, 898 Mbps, and 602 Mbps, respectively.

At the city level, Oslo outperforms others, while Spain’s Cerdanyola del Vallès and Bilbao secure second and third place. Munich, ranking fourth, also records a 5G download speed exceeding 1 Gbps.

Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC, the parent company of Cellsmart, asserts that “Europe is ready for fixed wireless access.” He adds that the test results indicate that 5G is maturing into a justifiable investment, ready to serve as an alternative to wired broadband and low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites in numerous European countries. “With performance rates that rival those of broadband and LEO, cellular should be considered when connecting enterprise locations. It’s a viable option,” Forman said.

FWA has frequently been identified as an early use case for 5G globally, and the data supports this view. Moreover, it is intriguing to see companies regarding 5G-based broadband as a viable alternative to LEO satellite services, which are still in their early stages. This could potentially signal the beginning of a fierce competition between technologies in the enterprise broadband landscape in the coming years.

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