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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #22

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Vodafone Expands Partnership with Currys

Vodafone is expanding its partnership with Currys to offer the Vodafone Together mobile and fixed bundle to Currys’ customers in the UK. This move strengthens Vodafone’s presence in the fixed line market and complements its existing mobile contract reselling. Vodafone promotes itself as the provider of the UK’s fastest Wi-Fi technology and the largest full fibre network, utilizing Openreach and CityFibre infrastructure. In addition, Vodafone is urging businesses to donate unused devices to its Great British Tech Appeal. This Appeal aims to bridge the digital divide and promote a circular economy by refurbishing and distributing devices to those in need.

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Content Guru Integrates Jabra Engage AI 

Content Guru, a leading cloud contact center provider, has integrated Jabra Engage AI, an AI-powered sentiment analysis software, into its storm® platform. This integration allows organizations to analyze the tone of voice in real time, providing valuable insights to support agents and improve customer experiences. The addition of Jabra Engage AI enhances storm’s existing sentiment analysis capabilities and is particularly beneficial for remote and hybrid working environments. The solution has received positive feedback from supervisors, with 86% reporting improved team connectivity. A demo of the integration will be available at Customer Contact Week events in Singapore and Las Vegas.

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Nokia and Sigma Wireless Boost ESB Networks’ Smart Grid Revolution

Nokia has teamed up with Sigma Wireless Communications to deploy a private 4G/LTE mobile network for ESB Networks, an Irish energy company. The three-year project aims to enhance renewable energy integration, decarbonize the electrical network, and promote heat and transport electrification. The dedicated Smart Grid telecoms network supports ESB Networks’ Innovation Strategy, aligned with ESB’s ‘Networks for Net Zero’ and the Irish Government’s ‘Climate Action Plan.’ Nokia’s partnership with ESB Networks and Sigma Wireless contributes to their goal of providing resilient critical infrastructure and addressing energy grid decarbonization. The deal strengthens Nokia’s enterprise sales growth, a segment that has shown significant progress for the company.

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EXATEL Explores Subsea Investments

EXATEL, a prominent telecommunications provider in Poland and Europe, is shifting its focus from the East-West transit line to explore growth opportunities along the North-South data axis and expand into the global transit industry. While EXATEL has excelled in transit services along the East-West line, it now aims to invest in subsea projects and seeks partnerships for this endeavor. The company has diversified its offerings to include legacy fiber telco, wireless, cybersecurity, satellite communication services, and innovative solutions like TAMA and SDN networks. EXATEL plans to launch a nationwide network for public protection and disaster relief. It is attending the Submarine Networks EMEA event to find anchor customers and technological partners for their Central and Eastern European (CEE) TransitHUB project.

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Vodafone Report Predicts 3.3 Billion Economy of Things Devices by 2030

A recent study commissioned by Vodafone reveals that there will be an estimated 3.3 billion devices capable of securely trading with each other by 2030, with 88 million expected in 2023. EoT refers to the interaction and transaction between vehicles, devices, and machines via a secure digital platform. The report highlights the untapped value in sharing data generated by connected IoT devices. It predicts the prominence of EoT-enabled devices in sectors like vehicles, smart grids, and supply chains. Vodafone aims to capitalize on this trend, launching its Digital Asset Broker platform and venturing into the healthcare sector.

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