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Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson Unveil Automated Network Slicing for Seamless Enterprise Connectivity

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Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson have recently instantiated a secure network slice that connects automatically to private cloud services. This innovative proof of concept aims to simplify enterprise use by offering automated configuration, provisioning, and end-to-end orchestration of enterprise slicing services without requiring any additional configuration on user devices.

The concept was implemented on a 5G Standalone testbed in a Deutsche Telekom lab, where enterprise smartphones connected to a predefined set of private cloud applications. Ericsson provided the 5G Core network, RAN, and end-to-end orchestration.

Through a single management interface, technicians can customize, order, configure, and manage an end-to-end network that includes enterprise smartphone devices, a 5G network slice, and private cloud services. Employees can access private cloud-based applications on their smartphones via a secure network slice over the public network.

Kaniz Mahdi, SVP Technology Architecture & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom, stated, “This successful demonstration highlights the potential of advanced 5G network slicing capabilities to enable unique and flexible services for enterprises, customized to specific needs.” He added that the collaboration is committed to transferring this innovation into solutions designed for enterprise customers.

Daniel Leimbach, Head of Customer Unit Western Europe at Ericsson, mentioned that network slicing holds the key to creating sustainable business cases as the world looks to harness 5G’s advanced features. He remarked, “This Proof of Concept shows that the ability for enterprises to create and tailor network slices easily to fit their applications and user needs is no longer something for the future, but something for today.”

The crucial takeaway from this collaboration is the demonstration of network slicing customization for businesses. As the industry aims to sell niche connectivity services, the focus must be on improving communication to potential corporate customers by avoiding impenetrable jargon and complex concepts. The growth of the network slicing sector holds great potential for the telecommunications industry, which will thrive by embracing innovation that simplifies operations for global enterprises.

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