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Telekom Malaysia Partners with Maxis: Enhancing 4G Coverage and Mobile Market Presence

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Telekom Malaysia (TM) has signed an agreement to share rival Maxis’ Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure, which will significantly enhance its 4G coverage. This move comes as TM aims to strengthen its position in Malaysia’s mobile market. By collaborating on the digital ecosystem, TM and Maxis aim to bring benefits to both companies and their customers.

Under the agreement, TM will gain access to Maxis’ 4G Multi Operator Core Network (MOCN), allowing the two operators to run separate cores while sharing RAN infrastructure. This partnership will enable TM to extend its 4G mobile coverage to over 95% of the Malaysian population.

In addition to the 4G MOCN, the deal also includes 2G and 4G roaming elements, further improving TM’s coverage throughout the country. Maxis will provide around 6,800 sites for 4G MOCN and domestic roaming services, as well as 10,000 sites for 2G roaming in both rural and urban areas.

TM is reentering the mobile market through its Unifi Mobile operation, after having exited the market by spinning off its cellular operation 15 years ago. The operator now faces competition from dominant market player CelcomDigi, a part of Axiata Group, which was created after merging with Telenor’s Digi in November 2021.

In response, TM is focusing on building Unifi Mobile as Malaysia’s fourth mobile network operator (MNO) by expanding its 4G coverage. The Maxis partnership will help TM reach a 95% coverage target, which is comparable to the 96% coverage enjoyed by CelcomDigi customers.

As for the next generation of mobile technology, TM has stated that it will play an active role in developing Malaysia’s second wholesale 5G network, which includes the utilization of its fiber infrastructure, digital platforms, and rollout expertise.

“TM shall continue to deliver converged connectivity and solutions across fiber and 5G to its home, SME, enterprise, and Government customers through Unifi and TM One,” the operator stated during the announcement of the Maxis deal.

Datuk Imri Mokhtar, Group CEO at TM, said, “Our partnership will elevate TM’s 4G mobile proposition to deliver exceptional customer experience for home, SME, and enterprise customers. It will complement our 5G offering and pave the way for greater innovation and collaboration, to deliver solutions and services for all Malaysians.” Maxis CEO Goh Seow Eng added that industry collaboration is crucial for benefitting consumers and achieving better cost efficiency and resource use.

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