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Zyxel Partners with Windstream to Empower 8 Gig Fiber Expansion

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In a significant development aimed at bolstering fiber access across the United States, Zyxel Communication, a leading provider of secure broadband networking solutions, has joined forces with Windstream to supply essential WiFi 6E hardware for their 8 gig expansion. This collaboration marks a major milestone for both companies, as they strive to bring high-speed internet connectivity to underserved communities in Windstream’s 18-state service area.

Kinetic by Windstream, as part of its high-speed fiber business, has already succeeded in enabling 8 gig service to over 400,000 homes in predominantly rural regions. This accomplishment has positioned them as the carrier with the most extensive 8 gig footprint within their service area. To further enhance their fiber optic deployment and ensure lightning-fast connectivity for customers upgrading to 8G service, Zyxel will provide the EX7710 multi-gigabit ethernet gateway and the WX5610 wireless extender.

Clay Fisher, the chief marketing officer at Kinetic, emphasized the importance of bringing fiber optic connections to more homes, especially in underserved areas. He commended Zyxel as an outstanding partner in their mission to expand broadband access, acknowledging that Zyxel’s hardware will play a crucial role in delivering the full benefits of fiber technology to their customers.

The key component of Zyxel’s contribution is the WiFi 6E router, EX7710, which incorporates tri-band wireless technology, including the new 6GHz bands, to provide faster and more reliable internet access throughout homes and offices. With 10GbE WAN and 10GbE LAN, ensuring 10 Gbps line rate data transfers, the router delivers unmatched connectivity. The WiFi speeds of up to 4.8 Gbps on both the 6GHz and 5GHz bands provide unparalleled performance for all connected devices, even when multiple users are online simultaneously.

Brian Feng, Senior VP of Zyxel Communications, expressed enthusiasm for the project, recognizing the significance of fiber as the future of internet connectivity. He praised Windstream’s dedication to bridging the digital divide and bringing WiFi revolution to rural areas. Zyxel is thrilled to be part of this expansion and contribute to the advancement of high-speed internet accessibility across the nation.

With Zyxel’s cutting-edge WiFi 6E hardware and Windstream’s commitment to expanding fiber access, more Americans will benefit from faster, more reliable, and low-latency internet connections, ushering in a new era of digital connectivity for underserved communities.

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