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Ribbon Expands Collaboration with Bandwidth for Cloud Comms

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Ribbon Communications Inc., a renowned global provider of real-time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions, has announced the expansion of its long-standing partnership with Bandwidth, a leading enterprise cloud communications company.

Scott Mullen, Chief Technology Officer at Bandwidth, expressed the significance of Ribbon as a technology partner, stating, “Ribbon is an important technology partner for us, and we’re pleased to expand our longtime collaboration, including leveraging their expertise with STIR/SHAKEN compliance in France.” He further mentioned the instrumental role of previous implementations, such as global SBC and PSX deployments, in scaling their enterprise-grade APIs and Bandwidth Communications Cloud worldwide. Mullen eagerly looks forward to the continuation of their engagement.

As part of the Ribbon Call Trust® portfolio, Ribbon’s STIR/SHAKEN solution is designed to meet French legal requirements for caller identity authentication, signing, and verification, as defined by the MAN (Mécanisme d’Authentification des Numéros) Project conducted by French telecommunications regulator ARCEP. To ensure the reliable delivery of the STIR/SHAKEN functions mandated for the French market, Bandwidth is deploying a three-node, geographically redundant Secure Telephony Identity (STI) solution.

Dennis Murray, Vice President US Service Provider Sales at Ribbon, expressed enthusiasm for the growth of their strategic relationship with Bandwidth, especially with projects like the STIR/SHAKEN deployment in France. He stated, “With projects such as STIR/SHAKEN deployment in France, our strategic relationship with Bandwidth continues to grow, and we look forward to supporting their technology leadership as Bandwidth further executes on its vision to become the partner of choice for global enterprise cloud communications.”

The expanded collaboration between Ribbon Communications and Bandwidth is set to bolster advanced cloud communications solutions, empowering enterprises worldwide with cutting-edge technologies to modernize and secure their networks.

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