Five9 Strengthens CX Platform with Aceyus Acquisition

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Five9, the renowned provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, has unveiled its plans to acquire Aceyus, a prominent player in advanced data integration and analytics. The announcement comes as Five9 continues to bolster its capabilities and expand its market presence in the realm of customer experience solutions.

Aceyus is recognized for its comprehensive suite of pre-built integrations, which enable the aggregation of data from various sources including CRM, WEM systems, ACDs, communication platforms, and intelligent virtual agents. This data normalization process equips businesses with real-time insights, facilitating a seamless transition from legacy systems to the Five9 platform while maintaining consistent reporting and data visualization. The integration of Aceyus’s offerings empowers customers to navigate large-scale cloud migrations efficiently, ensuring continuity of data and insights for enhanced decision-making.

In today’s customer-centric landscape, personalizing customer journeys requires access to contextual data stored across disparate systems. Aceyus’s expertise in data integration and analytics for large enterprises complements Five9’s vision. The incorporation of Aceyus’s robust integrations will augment Five9’s data lake, enabling optimization, prediction, and delivery of personalized experiences, particularly in the realm of AI and Automation solutions.

Five9’s CEO and Chairman, Mike Burkland, stated, “Aceyus’s breadth of capabilities to ingest, normalize, and analyze data is unmatched. Together, we will enhance the differentiation of the Five9 platform to deliver data-driven, personalized customer journeys.”

Notably, this acquisition holds significance as Aceyus caters to a significant clientele of Fortune 100 companies, including shared accounts with Five9. Analyst Sheila McGee-Smith highlighted the importance of leveraging contact center data in today’s AI-driven world to create insights that personalize experiences.

The imminent union between Five9 and Aceyus has been met with enthusiasm from industry insiders and partners. Casey Klein, Contact Center Vice President at Presidio, noted that the combined capabilities of both companies align with the growing demand for sophisticated yet easily comprehensible real-time customer experience data and metrics during cloud migration.

The acquisition is set to conclude by the end of the third quarter of 2023, signaling a strategic move by Five9 to fortify its position in the competitive CX solutions landscape and provide businesses with even more robust tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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