HTC Partners with Ribbon Communications to Boost Network with IP Wave Solutions

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Illinois-based communications services provider HTC has joined forces with Ribbon Communications Inc., a global leader in real-time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions. The collaboration aims to modernize and fortify HTC’s network infrastructure through the implementation of Ribbon’s cutting-edge IP Wave solutions.

Craig Hern, Vice President of Operations at HTC, expressed the company’s longstanding trust in Ribbon as a strategic partner. Hern stated, “Ribbon has been a trusted partner for many years, supporting us as we strive to provide our customers with innovative products, fast speeds and state of the art features.” He highlighted HTC’s need for an expandable solution capable of meeting the escalating bandwidth demands of their customers.

Ribbon’s IP Wave portfolio, encompassing NPT IP Routing and Apollo Optical Transport solutions, forms the backbone of HTC’s network enhancement. These solutions are carefully engineered to empower service providers in constructing and managing multi-layer data and optical networks. The integration of optimized hardware and automation software within an open architecture ensures seamless functionality, fostering rapid innovation and service deployment.

Elizabeth Page, Ribbon’s Senior Sales Director, Rural Markets, emphasized the significance of the partnership with HTC. She asserted, “Businesses and end-users are demanding access to high-speed internet solutions and HTC is committed to meeting those needs with state-of-the-art solutions.” Page conveyed Ribbon’s pride in supporting HTC’s growth as they continue to expand their service portfolio.

In a world where efficient and resilient network infrastructure is pivotal, HTC’s collaboration with Ribbon signifies a stride towards meeting evolving customer demands and shaping a more connected future.

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