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Calix SmartBiz Expand Networks: Milestone for UK’s Small Enterprises

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Calix, Inc. has made a game-changing announcement that its intelligent solution, Calix SmartBiz™, is now accessible in the United Kingdom. This move serves as a pivotal step forward for alternative service providers (altnets), enabling them to broaden their horizons in tailored solutions for the 5.5 million SMEs across the UK. With SmartBiz, altnets can now integrate accessible solutions like managed Wi-Fi (both indoor and outdoor), network security, and productivity-enhancing applications on a high-speed internet backbone.

Before the introduction of SmartBiz, altnets faced the challenge of having to repurpose residential products or downscale complex enterprise-grade solutions to cater to SMEs. As this new solution is an integrated, ready-to-go offering, altnets can unlock additional income avenues and expand their subscriber base in an increasingly competitive broadband market.

SmartBiz is a unique combination of SmartBizWorx™, a productivity software, and the CommandWorx™ mobile application. The mobile app, integrated with the award-winning Calix Wi-Fi systems and Calix Support Cloud, facilitates easy access to SmartBiz and its features. Thanks to its customisable features, it allows small business owners to offer their customers convenient, secure internet access, therefore promoting brand loyalty.

Calix SmartBiz™ notably enables small business owners to boost productivity by offering dedicated networks with access control. It also ensures robust network-level security against cyber threats and maintains high levels of network resilience to avoid expensive downtime. An automated cellular failover prevents businesses from experiencing disruptions known to significantly impact SMEs’ productivity.

Connexin’s CEO, Furqan Alamgir, stated, “The introduction of SmartBiz in the UK is a significant milestone – SMEs have long sought a solution that encompasses features previously exclusive to larger corporations.” Moreover, the head of international at Calix, Eoin Heaney, spoke highly of this breakthrough opportunity for altnets to finally provide SMEs with vital productivity capabilities without the usual high costs or hiring dedicated IT staff.

The unveiling of SmartBiz will take place at the upcoming Connected Britain 2023. Alex Yeung, Connexin’s deputy CEO and co-founder, will be there to discuss the critical connection between subscriber experiences and brand identities.

Calix Inc., a broadband service provider, has quickly emerged in this dynamic field. The company focuses on aiding other businesses in transitioning smoothly to an increasingly digital world while supporting their communities’ enduring growth.

Through its Calix platform, business of multiple sizes may streamline their services, retain subscribers and provide exceptional user experiences. Calix continues to consistently seek improvement, striving to support its customers and their communities’ perpetuated transformation in conjunction with its expanding ecosystem.

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