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Navigating Jetty: Revolutionizing UK’s Fibre Retailer Experience

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Jetty has emerged as a game-changer in the UK telecommunications market. This white-label customer management platform is purpose-built for fibre retailers, utilizing advanced technology to streamline the customer experience from start to finish. Jetty offers one-of-kind solutions to Altnets and Communication Service Providers, not only expediting their market reach but also facilitating efficient and compliant customer management.

This end-to-end platform molds various product categories into a comprehensive offering that includes Sales, Order, Provisioning, Customer Service, Communications, Billing & Payments, Contact Centre Technology, Hardware Logistics, and Digital Applications. This holistic service enables clients to focus singularly on business growth, allowing Jetty’s expertise to take care of customer base consolidation.

The uniqueness of Jetty lies in its automation of the residential fibre customer’s journey. It’s the sole SaaS platform in the UK that executes this seamlessly and compliantly. Jetty’s operations are driven by a crew of former customer telco workers, reflecting their commitment to prioritize both clients and customers in every business decision. The underlying case management approach facilitates seamless digital customer experiences, leaving the customer service agents with only the most complex cases.

Jetty’s interaction with the telecommunications sector underscores its commitment to enhance the customer and service agent experience. This platform has proven to simultaneously unlock value for the business group and propel customer experiences for other fibre retailers.

The platform’s journey began in 2022 with a management buy-out led by Alex Hollingdale, OVO’s previous Director of Telecoms. The leadership also includes Vinny Casey (CFO at OVO) and Steven Ackroyd (VP at OVO & Vertical Aeropace). The vision behind Jetty’s inception was to address the needs of over 100 UK Altnets that had secured funding and initiated customer acquisitions. The founders foresaw potential challenges as these businesses scaled and identified the need for an efficient and compliant Business Support System (BSS).

The founders, Alex Hollingdale and Vinny Casey, have worked with successful entrepreneurs like Sir Charles Dunstone (Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk) and Stephen Fitzpartick (OVO, Vertical Aerospace). These influential leaders have shaped their approach towards business, emphasizing customer-centric decision-making and continually challenging the conventional norms.

Jetty’s future ambitions are as ambitious as they are promising. Its cloud-based and multi-tenant architecture opens up limitless scalability. The platform aims to diversify into a multi-product offering, including Fibre, Mobile, TV, and Energy, under their clients’ brands. Jetty is also eyeing geographical expansion into Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America.

One thing’s clear: Jetty’s ultimate success lies in its customers’ triumphs. By harnessing their deep industry knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, Jetty is primed to become a global platform of choice for telecom retailers. Spot them at this year’s Connected Britain exhibition on booth S5.

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