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Analyzing Nokia’s Trailblazing Network Overhaul in Brazilian Agriculture

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All eyes are on Nokia this week as they uncover their most recent private network project. Working hand in hand with the Jacto, a Brazilian multinational corporation, Nokia aims to revamp Jacto’s rapidly expanding smart factory, nestled in Pompeia within Sao Paulo province. The factory, which covers an impressive 96,000 square meters, is renowned for manufacturing a variety of agricultural machinery.

The new private network promises to leverage both the 700 MHz spectrum, allowing 4.9G/LTE connectivity, and the 3.7 GHz spectrum for 5G. So why does this matter for the factory? Quite simply, this will allow the conversion of numerous production processes to automated systems. From autonomous vehicle handling and automated painting systems to automated storage, the advantages for Jacto’s production line are exponential.

President at Jacto, Fernando Gonçalves, provided further insight stating, “The new plant will serve both domestic and foreign markets, with product lines for spraying, fertilizing, planting, harvesting coffee and sugar cane, in addition to precision agriculture, digital technology, and autonomous vehicles.” According to Nokia, this is a trailblazing deal that has been struck for the first time related to agricultural machinery in Latin America.

Adapting to different scales of operation, Nokia took another significant stride with the introduction of the new, more compact Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) private wireless offering. Designed with smaller industrial sites in mind, specifically warehouses, this reveals Nokia’s commitment to adaptability and innovation.

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