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AT&T’s Impressive Q3 Performance: Mobility Service Revenue Skyrockets

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Leaping into its strongest historical performance for mobility service revenue, the telecommunications powerhouse AT&T came forward with an impressive third-quarter report. With revenues soaring over $30 billion, the company aspires to new heights, celebrating an expansive addition of hundreds of thousands to its fiber net base.

AT&T’s growing popularity in fiber subscriptions is notable, with a total count surpassing 8 million customers. This commendable milestone, as disclosed on the company’s AT&T‘s website, reflects their capability to double the customer base in less than four years.

The third quarter witnessed an encouraging uptick in consumer broadband revenues by close to 10 percent, underpinned largely by AT&T Fiber’s notable 26.9 percent growth. Recent records reveal an addition of a whopping 296,000 customers to AT&T Fiber.

Mobility service revenues present an optimistic picture too. The third quarter saw the highest rise in the history of AT&T’s mobility operating revenues, cruising up by nearly 4 percent.

Attributing this enviable growth to strategic investments in 5G and fiber connectivity, AT&T’s CEO John Stankey emphasized the company’s efficiency. “We’re gaining profitable customer relationships and becoming more efficient. This is powering our strong business performance and gives us the confidence to raise our full-year free cash flow guidance,” he remarked.

Setting a new trajectory in service innovations, AT&T introduced AT&T Internet Air in their third-quarter report. This avant-garde fixed wireless residential service is expected to reach over 30 locations by the end of the year.

AT&T’s 5G spectrum is making steady advances too. Boasting coverage to more than 190 million people, the company is on the right track to achieve their target of hitting 200 million by the end of this year.

Exuding optimism on its future course, Stankey noted, “We are pleased that customers are choosing AT&T and staying with us over the long run as we connect and simplify their digital world.”

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