Navigating AI Literacy in Telecoms: A Multi-Persona Approach

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Aiming to pave a path towards setting AI proficiency in the professional environments, a comprehensive guidance has been introduced to enhance the understanding of AI for employees. This guidance aims to capacitate employees to use AI in a safe and efficient manner, consequently amplifying their performance. The guidance targets to augment employee comprehension in five cardinal domains, which include Privacy and Stewardship; Designing, acquisition, engineering, and architecture; Focused problem solving and effective communication; Analysis, data modelling, and visualisation; and Evaluation and reflection.

Each of these focal areas is critical in equipping workforces with the knowledge to use AI safely, and manage sensitive data securely. It also highlights the utilization of advanced AI tools like Large Language Models. However, depending upon the employee’s role, the need for understanding AI can fluctuate. Hence, the comprehensive framework segments this understanding into four ‘personas’, each demanding a different level of AI literacy.

These four ‘personas’ vary from AI Citizens, who are common employees and customers requiring a fundamental understanding of AI, to AI Workers, Professionals, and even Leaders. The Leaders involve workers in senior positions who are bestowed with significant decision-making powers regarding AI within their organizations.

The new guidance is set to be tabled for discussion by Jeremy Hunt, the UK Chancellor, Brad Smith, the Vice Chair and President of Microsoft, and Clare Barclay, Microsoft UK CEO. This discussion will take place during their visit to the Microsoft Data Centre on 30th November. The initial publication of this detailed guidance will be followed by a consultation period, post which employers aiming to implement AI solutions in their workplaces will be invited to provide feedback.

The Minister for AI, Viscount Camrose, voiced his support for the initiative on the UK government site, stating, “Ensuring that workers all over the country have the necessary skills for their jobs with and in AI is critical to our strategy of turning the UK into an AI powerhouse. It is crucial that the skills of our labour force keep pace with this rapidly progressing technology.” He further added that a workforce equipped to work with AI will stimulate growth for businesses and enable us to harness the enormous opportunities AI presents in every sector of our economy.

This announcement comes as a follow-up to the statement of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that taxpayer spending on AI will rise to £400 million as part of the government’s plan to elevate the UK’s global position in the AI field. This proposal is an innovative leap forward for AI in the telecom sector and an example for others around the world.

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