Kyivstar Restores Mobile Services After Cyber-Attack

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In a swift response to Tuesday’s widespread cyber-attack, Kyivstar, the Ukrainian subsidiary of global digital operator VEON Ltd., has successfully restored mobile internet services nationwide, encompassing all communication standards, including 4G. International roaming services have also been reinstated within the past 24 hours, marking a significant recovery effort.

The resilient efforts of Kyivstar are evident as more than 95% of mobile network base stations in the controlled territory of Ukraine are now operational, reflecting an improvement from the previous evening’s 90%. The restoration initiative not only includes mobile internet but also covers fixed connectivity and mobile voice services, with plans underway to reintroduce SMS services and restore access to the MyKyivstar self-care application.

While the company acknowledges potential variations in customer experiences during this recovery phase, Kyivstar’s technical team is actively addressing accessibility issues and working towards ensuring the overall quality of service.

In a statement, VEON and Kyivstar express gratitude to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, the Security Service of Ukraine, and government entities for their prompt response and assistance in countering the cyber-attack. The support received from Kyivstar customers, corporate clients, partners, and industry colleagues has been overwhelming and appreciated.

“Ensuring stability and quality is our priority as we progress in the restoration process,” says a spokesperson for Kyivstar. The commitment of VEON and Kyivstar to maintaining Ukraine’s connectivity and resilience remains steadfast, underscoring their dedication to overcoming challenges and safeguarding the nation’s digital infrastructure.

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