Mutare Voice Traffic Filter Recognized as Top Solution in 2023

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In a recent announcement, Mutare, Inc., a pioneer in enterprise solutions for Voice Threat Defense, proudly unveiled its recognition by TMC as the 2023 CUSTOMER CCaaS Product of the Year Award winner. The accolade underscores the exceptional capabilities of Mutare’s flagship platform, the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (VTF).

The Mutare VTF stands out as an industry-leading solution designed to safeguard and enhance the voice channel’s integrity. It addresses the menace of unwanted calls, ranging from robocalls and spoof calls to vishing, social engineering, and spam storms, effectively purging them from the network edge. Throughout 2023, Mutare strategically expanded its reach by integrating the VTF into major CCaaS and UCaaS platforms, including Webex App Hub, Genesys AppFoundry, Five9’s CX Marketplace, and NICE CXexchange.

Chuck French, Mutare’s Chief Growth Officer, expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the platform’s significance in a year marked by a surge in voice-based cyber incidents. French noted, “In a year with a proliferation of major voice-based cyber-incidents, Mutare has helped protect a business’s most important asset: their people. With our latest integrations, it is now easier than ever to implement the Mutare Voice Traffic Filter.”

The 2023 CUSTOMER CCaaS Product of the Year Awards spotlight solutions that excel in delivering scalable, feature-rich contact center solutions. Mutare’s VTF has earned accolades for revolutionizing customer service, enabling organizations to provide seamless, personalized, and exceptional customer experiences.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, conveyed his pleasure in honoring Mutare with the award, citing the Voice Traffic Filter’s elite status. “Its Voice Traffic Filter solution has proven deserving of this elite status, and I look forward to continued innovation from Mutare in 2024 and beyond,” Tehrani remarked. The recognition not only highlights Mutare’s triumphs but also anticipates ongoing advancements in voice-centric cybersecurity solutions.

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