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Andrea Soppera Joins CUJO AI: A Triumph for Customer Success

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CUJO AI, the renowned architect of state-of-the-art cybersecurity and network intelligence services for internet service providers (ISPs), recently unveiled that Andrea Soppera has joined their ranks as their new Vice President of Customer Success. With an illustrious history in the industry, particularly as the Marketing Head of Home Product and Broadband at BT and EE, Soppera is undeniably an asset to the CUJO AI team.

In this pivotal role, Soppera will propel the company’s customer engagement strategies and facilitate the successful integration of CUJO AI’s solutions. His commanding knowledge of the telecommunications and technology sectors, coupled with his keen expertise in product development and customer relations, will undeniably elevate CUJO AI’s customer service objectives.

Soppera’s tenure at BT and EE was characterized by influential contributions to product innovation and corporate strategy. His recent achievement includes launching the new EE product portfolio in 2023. A seasoned leader, Soppera has consistently demonstrated his ability to deliver high-quality, innovative services to a diverse customer base.

Expressing enthusiasm about his new journey, Soppera said, “I am thrilled to be joining CUJO AI and contribute to its visionary approach towards cybersecurity and AI-driven solutions. I have always admired the company’s commitment to innovation and its relentless pursuit of excellence. I am eager to collaborate with the team and our clients to further enhance customer experience and success.”

Remko Vos, CEO of CUJO AI, echoed these sentiments, noting the significance of Soppera joining the leadership crew: “Having Andrea on board as our VP of Customer Success is a sizable triumph for us. His extensive background and industry knowledge are incredible gearing components that will launch our customer success strategy into the future.”

Soppera’s impact will undoubtedly be keenly felt in his role as Vice President of Customer Success, guiding the nurturing of customer relationships, steering product implementation and adoption, and working to ensure clients derive optimal value from CUJO AI’s offerings.

In the last two years, CUJO AI has strategically revitalized its leadership, garnering key talent from significant industry players to buttress its mission. Vos, a seasoned executive from Comcast, assumed the role of CEO in April 2022, while in September 2023, Chris Turner, backed by his extensive tenure at Charter Communications, stepped into the role of Chief Product Officer. These strategic acquisitions reiterate CUJO AI’s unwavering dedication to propelling innovation and maintaining excellence in cybersecurity and network intelligence.

CUJO AI has established itself as a force in the industry by bolstering the ability of ISPs to understand, serve, and protect their customers using advanced cybersecurity and granular network and device intelligence. With a service footprint spanning over 2 billion connected devices in more than 50 million homes, CUJO AI’s advanced AI algorithms help clients discover previously untapped insights for creating exceptional customer experiences.

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