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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #4

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AST SpaceMobile Secures $206.5M Investment for Satellite-to-Smartphone Connectivity from AT&T, Google, and Vodafone.

AST SpaceMobile, a pioneer in using low Earth orbit satellites for direct smartphone connectivity, has received a funding boost of up to $206.5 million from AT&T, Google, and Vodafone. The investment includes $155 million in strategic funding, with AT&T committing $20 million based on successful satellite launches, and Vodafone pledging $25 million. Google will collaborate on product development for Android connectivity. AST SpaceMobile, claiming 40 global operator partnerships, aims to commercialize its service, competing with other space-based connectivity initiatives. The investment underscores confidence in AST’s vision for borderless cellular broadband.

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Used Smartphone Market Thrives with 309 Million Shipments in 2023, Faces Inventory Challenges

In 2023, the used smartphone market demonstrated robust growth, with 309.4 million shipments, a 9.5% increase from the previous year, as reported by IDC. While the new smartphone market faces a 3.2% decline in annual shipments, the used market is forecasted to reach 431.1 million shipments by 2027, representing an 8.8% compound annual growth rate. However, challenges lie ahead, with an inventory problem attributed to extended refresh rates for flagship devices, hindering resellers’ ability to meet demand. Despite the slowdown signs, the value of the used market is predicted to rise to $109.7 billion by 2027.

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Nokia and Oppo Settle 5G Patent Dispute with Cross-Licensing Deal

Nokia and Oppo have settled their extended patent dispute with a multi-year cross-licensing agreement related to 5G technology. The deal involves royalty payments from Oppo to Nokia and catch-up payments for past usage. The resolution, marked by mutual respect for intellectual property, ends Nokia’s pursuit of royalty payments from Oppo since 2021. While presented as mutually beneficial, the agreement favors Nokia, and the Finnish company’s legal actions against Oppo in Europe have likely influenced the settlement. The resolution may also pave the way for Oppo to settle disputes with other patent holders, potentially expanding its smartphone market.

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ASC Americas and Wilmac Partner for AI-Enhanced Compliance Recording in Microsoft Teams and Zoom

ASC Americas, a global leader in compliance recording and analytics, announces a strategic partnership with Wilmac Technologies, known for innovative technology solutions. This collaboration integrates ASC’s “Recording Insights” into Wilmac’s services, providing a comprehensive suite for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The offerings include advanced call recording, AI-driven compliance features, transcription, risk alerting, fraud detection, and more. The partnership aims to enhance communication solutions for regulated industries, combining Wilmac’s 30 years of compliance recording expertise with ASC’s advanced cloud services. The collaboration aligns with a shared vision of leveraging technology to ensure compliance, improve processes, and enhance customer experience.

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Mavenir Upgrades Deutsche Telekom Networks Across Europe for 5G with Cloud-Native Messaging Solution

Mavenir, a leading Network Software Provider, has secured a contract to modernize messaging capabilities for Deutsche Telekom networks in Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, and Slovakia. Implementing its cloud-native Message Controller solution, Mavenir aims to enhance revenue growth across 2G to 5G networks through secure Application to Person (A2P) messaging. The consolidated solution simplifies messaging needs across all generations of networks, streamlining the user experience and facilitating the transition from legacy infrastructure. The fully containerized, cloud-native approach boosts agility, flexibility, and operational efficiency, while Mavenir’s expertise in spam and fraud prevention ensures network security and revenue protection.

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