Singtel Unveils AI Data Centers with Nvidia Partnership

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Singapore’s leading telecom provider Singtel, in a strategic alliance with technology powerhouse Nvidia, has unveiled a new line of data centers under the brand name Nxera. These centers are poised to revolutionize generative AI services for businesses across the region, aligning with Singapore’s National AI Strategy 2.0.

This collaboration elevates Singtel’s Digital InfraCo division to a key cloud partner of Nvidia. Nxera data centers are outfitted with Nvidia’s cutting-edge Hopper architecture GPUs, following Nvidia’s AI reference architectures. This launch is not just a technological advancement but also marks Singtel’s dedication to driving innovation and creating value through AI.

Singtel is set to debut its AI services initially in Singapore, with plans to extend into Indonesia and Thailand. Nvidia recognizes these data centers as critical “trusted engines of generative AI,” serving a diverse array of companies in the region.

A notable feature of this venture is Singtel’s extensive array of products, including fixed broadband, submarine cables, 5G networks, and the Paragon cloud platform. These elements play a crucial role in efficiently managing AI workloads across varied network and cloud environments.

Bill Chang, CEO of Nxera and Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit, highlighted the significance of the Nxera brand launch. He outlined an ambitious expansion plan for their data center operations, aiming to exceed 200MW in the region over the next three years. Chang emphasized a sustainable, responsible growth approach, focusing on making AI access more democratic for enterprises, integrating renewable energy, and nurturing talent for this new era of data centers.

Singtel’s commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated in their plans to explore advanced cooling technologies and water conservation methods. Their DC Tuas in Singapore, with an impressive PUE of 1.23 at full capacity, is expected to be among the most efficient data centers in Asia.

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