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Ericsson and IIT Kharagpur: Unveiling the Future of 6G Telecommunication

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Leading telecommunications giant Ericsson and prestigious learning institution, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur), declared an exciting collaboration today centering around AI, Compute, and Radio research. These organizations have joined forces, signing two pivotal agreements that will pave the way for collective research centered around trailblazing AI technology and distributed compute technology, specifically in the sphere of 6G research.

An enlightening symposium on Radio and Network research was convened, hosting thought leaders from both Ericsson Research and IIT Kharagpur. This was a fantastic opportunity for both parties to delve into the future of networks and communication and speculate upon the advancements that may be on the horizon.

Edge management and AI-driven policies are essential to Ericsson’s vision for 6G networks, with AI playing a crucial role. This sphere of research is a shared interest with IIT Kharagpur, making this partnership an opportunity to propel leaps and bounds in fundamental and applied research in the Radio domain.

Virendra Kumar Tewari, the director of IIT Kharagpur, hailed this collaboration with Ericsson as a game-changer in the push towards making India the epicenter of technological innovation. He quoted, “6G networks integrated with artificial intelligence will enable AI-powered applications to run faster and more efficiently.” He detailed IIT Kharagpur’s aspirations to enhance the world of Radio Access Technology and Network, Core Network, RF & Device Technologies, VLSI Design, and various other key industry facets.

Magnus Frodigh, the head of Ericsson Research, echoed a similar sentiment, expressing his excitement about the partnership with IIT Kharagpur. He said, “We are excited to partner with IIT Kharagpur and look forward to collaborative research in fundamental areas as well as translational research for our Future Network Platforms.” He also shared Ericsson’s ambitious 6G vision, which is designed to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds, thereby enhancing human life.

Nitin Bansal, Managing Director of Ericsson India, confidently stated, “Ericsson is well poised to lead 6G innovation and we are making significant R&D investments in India in line with our commitment to the country.”

This conference brought together the best minds in the field, including Prof. Suvra Sekhar Das, Prof. Debarati Sen, and other faculty members from IIT Kharagpur; Dr Magnus Frodigh, the head of Ericsson Research, and other Ericsson heads.

The organizations have announced two key projects as part of their collaborative research efforts. These are Compute offload and Resource Optimization at edge compute, aimed at optimizing resources and sustainable distributed and Edge computing technologies. Additionally, RL based Beamforming for JCAS project will explore AI methodologies for joint communication and sensing. This partnership between Ericsson and IIT Kharagpur will undoubtedly herald noteworthy research breakthroughs for the future of telecommunication.

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