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B4RN’s Leap: Revolutionizing Rural Connectivity with 400Gbps Speeds

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B4RN, a rural connectivity pioneer, has taken a leap forward in the digital revolution by ramping up its network backhaul speeds tenfold to 400Gbps. This marks a significant stride towards increasing overall network bandwidth, reducing latency, and revolutionising connectivity in rural communities. B4RN’s unwavering commitment to improve the long-term operation of its core network not only enables the connection of new communities, but also introduces additional services like transit and ethernet to local businesses and the broader telecoms industry.

Distinct from most providers, B4RN harbours a robust network that is entirely subsurface, emphasising resilience through the absence of pole infrastructure. This unique strategy provides a consistent remedy against the harsh weather conditions often experienced in rural areas. Every customer benefits from full fibre connection directly from the cabinet to their home, positioning them at the forefront of future technological growth.

“The mission at B4RN has always been to deliver top-tier internet services to the most remote regions,” said Tom Rigg, COO at B4RN. “With a fully operational 400G Juniper network, we are now capable of delivering the perks of digital connectivity to rural communities for generations to come.”

In achieving this milestone, B4RN collaborated with Kubus, an IT Solutions provider with an established network of world-class tech associates. Kubus supplied B4RN with next-generation technology at an affordable price while offering vital consultancy support.

In their quest for an efficient and scalable solution, B4RN adopted the Juniper MX304 Universal Router, a compact yet powerful device that ensures future-proofed high performance. It has been designed for use in space and power-constrained environments and is ideal for B4RN’s core network. Its 400Gbps capabilities ensure an investment-protected pathway for upgrading to 800G in the future.

“B4RN has deployed the Juniper router in regional utility cabinets, reinforcing the delivery of fast internet to our rural communities,” Mr Rigg added.

B4RN has been a Juniper Networks client since its inception over a decade ago, sustaining the core network with Juniper hardware. Tom further added that “the circular backbone mechanism adds to the network’s redundancy and resilience, allowing for the seamless execution of maintenance, repairs, and network upgrades with minimal impact on customers.”

Deploying the Juniper MX304 Universal Router has effectively made B4RN an appealing choice to B2B customers in search of high-capacity, high-availability, and low latency services. The company forecasts a steady increase in network traffic and the addition of new customers.

In celebration of their achievement, a film highlighting the heart of B4RN’s operation and its exceptional volunteers has been released. This film also serves as an emblem of the beneficial relationship between B4RN, Kubus, and Juniper.

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