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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #7

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Jawwy Launches New Digital Experience with MATRIXX Software and Celfocus

MATRIXX Software, Celfocus, and Qeema have collaborated to launch Jawwy 2.0, an all-digital brand from stc Group, aimed at enhancing customer experience and reducing costs through a new tech stack. The Jawwy 2.0 app allows for plan customization, eSIM activation, and plan sharing, powered by MATRIXX’s digital monetization platform and Celfocus’s integration services. This launch marks a significant overhaul in Jawwy’s tech architecture, highlighting stc Group’s commitment to digital transformation and offering customers greater control and flexibility over their mobile services.

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NTT Ltd. Expands Global Data Center Network with New Campus in Paris

NTT Ltd., a global leader in IT infrastructure and services, announced its plan to establish its first data center campus in the Paris region, enhancing its presence in Europe’s top data center markets. The 35.5-acre campus, located 50km south of Paris, will feature three data centers with a total capacity of 84MW of critical IT load. This strategic move, supported by Logistics Capital Partners, complements NTT’s existing facilities in Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam, solidifying its footprint in the FLAP Tier 1 markets. The expansion into Paris is part of NTT’s broader initiative, including over $10 billion investment in data center growth globally, aimed at meeting the surging demand for data processing and storage, driven by generative AI and other technologies, while advancing towards a net-zero emissions goal by 2030.

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Crexendo and TELCLOUD Launch Advanced POTS Replacement Platform Amid FCC Mandate

Crexendo, Inc., a leading cloud communications and managed IT services provider, in partnership with TELCLOUD, a CPaaS provider, announced the launch of a new POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Replacement platform. This move comes in response to an FCC mandate requiring the transition from traditional POTS lines. The platform, powered by TELCLOUD and integrated into the Netsapiens platform, offers a seamless, white-labeled solution for critical services like Fire Alarms and Elevators, providing a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional dial tone services. With Local Exchange Carriers increasing prices by up to 1000%, Crexendo and TELCLOUD’s solution presents a competitive edge for over 220 platform partners, aiming to transform the telecom landscape for over 4 million users by ensuring uninterrupted, advanced communication services.

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Hero Digital Revamps for Enhanced User Experience and Performance

Hero Digital, a leader in customer experience transformations, successfully redesigned and launched the new website, leveraging Adobe Experience Manager to modernize the online presence of Calix, a global Broadband Services Provider (BSP) delivery platform provider. The collaboration aimed at refining the website to better reflect Calix’s mission of enabling service providers to foster stronger communities through digital transformation. The project focused on improving user experience, streamlining content, and enhancing performance, resulting in a high-performing, accessible website with significantly reduced page numbers and faster loading times. Calix’s partnership with Hero Digital and Decision Counsel ensured the project’s success, delivering a modern website that aligns with their goal of modernizing communities worldwide. Hero Digital will continue supporting Calix with further enhancements, ensuring the website remains dynamic and engaging.

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Advocacy Groups Urge FCC for Stronger Protections Against SIM Swap and Port-Out Fraud

Consumer advocacy organizations, including the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), are pressing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for enhanced regulations to safeguard cell phone users from SIM swap and port-out scams. These frauds involve unauthorized SIM card changes or phone number transfers by scammers, exploiting personal data without physical access to devices. Advocates demand that carriers be held accountable for customer losses due to these frauds, criticizing current enforcement as inadequate. They propose annual authentication method reviews by carriers and argue against binding pre-dispute arbitration clauses that deny consumers legal recourse. The push follows significant financial losses from such scams, highlighting the critical need for carrier responsibility in preventing fraud and protecting consumers.

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