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Versa Networks Revolutionizes Mobile Security with SIM-enabled SASE

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In an era where mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are striving to stand out, Versa Networks has stepped up with its latest release, Versa Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) on SIM™. This patented breakthrough, infused with artificial intelligence and machine learning, taps into the power of SIM-based identity for authentication and access control, setting a unique foot forward in the security arena. It enhances the MNOs’ and MVNOs’ ability to unleash SASE services with robust security measures at the mobile network edge.

Presently, MNOs and MVNOs face the obstacle of standing out in a market where basic connectivity service is taken for granted. As a result, several operators are integrating value-added services to diversify and spike their revenue cycle. With an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, traditional security services are not cutting it. Here, SASE comes into play, facilitating cloud-based security services at scale for IT users. SASE’s context-responsive security approach ensures that mobile and remote users have secure access to applications and data, regardless of their geographical position.

However, actualizing SASE in mobile networks poses a challenge as many devices connecting to mobile networks cannot adequately accommodate security clients, leading to a complex lifecycle management situation.

To counter this complexity, the new solution by Versa Networks synergistically blends the abilities of SASE with SIM-based identity. This facilitates authentication and access control in their mobile networks, enabling MNOs to provide value-added security services. These services incorporate network security and Zero Trust into mobile services for IoT and IT devices without necessitating an agent.

Highlighting the revolutionary strategy, Apurva Mehta, Co-Founder and CTO of Versa Networks said: “With the launch of our SIM-based SASE solution, we are setting a new standard for security and connectivity in mobile networks. Our patented technology not only simplifies the deployment of SASE services for mobile operators but also marks a significant step forward in advanced, seamless authentication methods. This innovation underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our partners worldwide.”

Delving into the technical aspect, many endpoints in mobile networks, such as cameras, sensors, and thin clients, can be deemed unintelligent. As these devices attach to the MNO’s network field, Versa SASE gateways utilize the subscription ID (for instance, IMSI) present in the device’s SIM card, coupled with the IP address information, for tenant and user identification. With Versa SASE gateways incorporated into the mobile network data path, SASE services can now be delivered to these endpoints.

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