Global Tech Giants Unite for 6G AI Advancements

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In a groundbreaking move, Nokia has joined forces with SK Telecom, NTT, and DOCOMO to pioneer the development of a 6G AI-native air interface, aiming to revolutionize network performance and energy efficiency. This collaboration marks a significant leap towards integrating artificial intelligence deeply into the fabric of next-generation wireless technologies.

The consortium is set to unveil a video demonstration of their progress, dubbed AI-AI, at the upcoming MWC event hosted by SKT. This initiative not only promises to enhance the network capabilities but also sets the stage for an extensive range of business applications tailored to leverage the power of 6G and AI.

With an ambitious plan to rigorously test and validate the AI-AI technology, the partners are committed to exploring its potential through a variety of use cases and real-world scenarios. These comprehensive tests, encompassing both laboratory and outdoor environments, aim to closely mimic actual network conditions, ensuring the technology’s robustness and reliability.

Furthermore, the alliance plans to refine AI model performance by harnessing data from live networks and simulations, a crucial step towards developing industry-leading AI solutions for 6G networks. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of integrating insights from leading service providers into the design of future network technologies.

Peter Vetter of Nokia highlighted the significance of this partnership, emphasizing the innovative prowess of SKT, NTT, and DOCOMO in shaping the future of telecommunications. Similarly, Yu Takki of SKT lauded this collaboration as a pivotal advancement in the global development of 6G technology, showcasing a unified effort across continents to spearhead innovations in network infrastructure and AI.

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