Fujitsu Unveils AI-Driven Network Optimization Tool

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Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. has launched Virtuora® IA, an innovative suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered network applications. This breakthrough technology, designed to enhance the performance of mobile network operators (MNOs) with significantly streamlined operations, incorporates network-focused machine learning (ML) models and deep telecommunications expertise. By leveraging neural network modeling, Virtuora IA aims to offer MNOs a substantial edge in the competitive 5G arena and future markets.

In an era where cutting operational costs and managing increasing network complexity are paramount, MNOs are in dire need of efficient solutions to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). Virtuora Intelligent Applications harness AI to simplify network operations, enhance performance, reduce expenses, and expedite service provision. This, in turn, is expected to open new revenue opportunities and elevate profitability for MNOs.

The core of Fujitsu’s AI-driven network applications is its advanced neural network modeling, combined with pre-trained ML models enriched with networking expertise, enhancing operational efficiency. These applications are built on a software framework that supports large language model (LLM) technology and generative AI, promoting continuous improvement and enabling the automation of multi-vendor networks. This leads to faster problem resolution, the elimination of repetitive tasks, and quicker, more accurate decision-making processes.

Virtuora IA sets itself apart by facilitating rapid investigation of network issues and service interruptions, applying real-time inference for precise problem analysis. It crafts multivendor, multidomain ML models utilizing neural networks to uncover deep network insights, thereby enabling proactive measures, including automated notifications and solutions. In a notable trial, a leading Tier 1 MNO managed to analyze data from an extensive network infrastructure, swiftly identifying and localizing root causes of numerous anomalies.

Greg Manganello, Senior Vice President at Fujitsu, emphasized the role of their AI-powered network applications in achieving efficient, light-touch operations, reducing TCO, and ensuring top-notch network performance. The integration of Fujitsu’s vast network operation experience with cutting-edge AI research promises immediate value in a trusted multi-vendor network management environment.

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