CWCS Unveils Plans for Expansion: Next-Gen Data Centre in Nottingham

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Established in Nottingham and operating across the UK and USA, CWCS is responsible for maintaining a superior-grade infrastructure for essential data systems, websites, and applications. Support is delivered 24/7/365 through a selection of cloud, dedicated servers, bare metal, and colocation services.

The purchase of a new site mirrors an expansion plan aimed at meeting the increasing demand from customers and facilitating growth for present and forthcoming acquisitions. The data centre, scheduled to be online by 2024, is a strategic move guided by precise research.

Karl Mendez, managing director of CWCS Managed Hosting stated, “In the last three years, we initiated an ambitious expansion agenda to broaden our suite of services through company acquisitions.” He further outlined the growing need for hosted solutions, particularly server colocation and private cloud, where customers seek security, redundancy, and round-the-clock technical support at data centres.

The addition of a new data centre in Nottingham enhances CWCS’s ability to offer a variety of flexible options such as cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and colocation services. Mendez confirms, “ This ensures continual service to meet the unique requirements of our customers, reinforcing our role as a trusted partner in critical data hosting.”

The final specifications will be released in 2024, with the new facility keeping in line with CWCS’s conformity to ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications in security and quality management. The firm also ventures to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Speaking on the location of the new facility, Giles Davis, partner at Geo Hallam & Sons, detailed the challenging search for an ideally positioned premises, which could be redesigned with planning permission. The chosen building perfectly suits CWCS’s new data centre.

Mark Tomlinson, director at FHP, highlighted their role in aiding CWCS’s expansion by providing a building suitable for repurposing. He expressed delight over successfully completing the deal.

Honing in on energy consumption, Mendez underscored the industry’s high energy usage and the company’s dedication to being a pioneering force in secure, low-emission hosting. In pursuit of a carbon-neutral goal by 2030, CWCS’s new site will be powered entirely by renewable energy, thus mitigating energy overheads and emissions for their customers. This is a significant step towards environmentally conscious business operations and paints a promising picture of CWCS’s future endeavours.

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