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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #10

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Mobile Experts Report Highlights Growth in Private LTE/5G for Enterprises Beyond Industrial Use

Mobile Experts has unveiled a comprehensive analysis on the expansion of Private LTE and 5G networks within non-industrial sectors such as offices, hospitals, and schools, demonstrating how they complement existing Wi-Fi infrastructures. The report delves into the technological advancements and comparisons, including Open RAN and Edge Computing, and discusses the shift from proof-of-concept to commercial deployment in these “carpeted enterprises.” It predicts a significant 29% CAGR over the next five years, driven by the need for secure and reliable communication for digital transformation. Moreover, it examines the evolving business models, shifting from capital expenditures to operational costs, and highlights the challenges in adoption, including business model clarity and IT/OT integration. 

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EnGenius Launches EOC655 Series for Enhanced Outdoor Connectivity and Simplified Deployment 

EnGenius Technologies Inc. introduces the EOC655 series, a new outdoor connectivity solution featuring the SkyPoint network management system. Designed for smart cities, industrial control, and public safety sectors, this series offers Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint connectivity with dual 5 GHz radios, ideal for dense RF environments. It aims at providing secure, reliable broadband for last-mile and backhaul applications with a focus on simplifying installations via a mobile app. The EOC655 series enhances performance and network stability, optimizes management for ISPs, and boasts features like 2 Gbps link capacity, intelligent RF and QoS management, and robust security measures. Set to be available in Q1 2024, it represents a significant leap in outdoor wireless deployment, emphasizing ease of use, enhanced performance, and efficient management.

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UK Altnets Demand Harsher Penalties for Fibre Network Vandalism 

UK fibre alternative networks (altnets) Ogi and Vorboss, supported by several others, have sent a letter to Michelle Donelan, the head of the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, urging the government to enforce strict penalties against those who deliberately damage fibre infrastructure. Highlighting recent vandalism incidents that disrupted services and posed risks to public safety and economic activity, they argue that such acts should be treated as a serious criminal offence. The letter emphasizes the critical role of fibre networks in connecting essential services and warns of the potential withdrawal of investment in digital infrastructure due to these attacks. The altnets suggest lengthy prison terms and fines as deterrents. The Department has responded, noting its ongoing efforts to ensure the security and resilience of the UK’s telecoms network against physical and cyber threats.

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Klika Tech’s Smart Water Meter Wins IoT Global Award for Smart City Innovation

Klika Tech, in partnership with Subeca and utilizing STMicroelectronics’ technology, has been honored with the “Smart Cities, Government & Utilities” award at the 2024 IoT Global Awards. Their collaborative Smart Water Meter solution stands out for enabling advanced IoT deployments in the water industry through edge computing, real-time data analytics, and IoT connectivity. By integrating cost-effective smart water devices with IoT connections via Amazon Sidewalk, Bluetooth®, and LoRa, this solution signifies a significant advancement in smart city technology. This recognition underscores the importance of innovative edge solutions in driving the IoT ecosystem forward, highlighting Klika Tech’s pivotal role in the smart city and utilities sector.

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