Deutsche Telekom and Viasat Enhance European Aviation Network for Cyprus

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Deutsche Telekom and the satellite company Viasat have recently enhanced in-flight internet connectivity for flights to and from Cyprus by activating three new ground stations. These stations are part of an expansion that strengthens the European Aviation Network (EAN) in the Eastern Mediterranean, bringing the total to 300 ground network antenna sites across Europe.

This development is a boon for passengers using the Greek airline AEGEAN, which adopted the EAN-powered in-flight connectivity in 2022. The EAN, a collaboration between Viasat’s S-band satellite and Deutsche Telekom’s ground operations, is hailed as a testament to European innovation and regulatory success. It offers passengers reliable internet access on most intra-European flights.

Shameem Hashmi, Viasat’s VP of Aviation Strategy, praised AEGEAN’s dedication to improving passenger experience and highlighted the significance of robust broadband connectivity during flights. With this enhancement, AEGEAN’s customers can now enjoy high-speed internet across all domestic routes.

Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, reflected on the growth and success of the EAN, emphasizing its adaptability and future-proof nature for the aviation sector. The recent expansion into Cyprus, in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom’s Greek subsidiary Cosmote, is a testament to EAN’s ability to meet the evolving needs of its airline customers, reinforcing its commitment to providing exceptional connectivity for European air travel.

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