Intermedia Launches Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Enterprise Connect

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Intermedia Cloud Communications, a renowned provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, introduced its latest venture, Intermedia Healthcare Solutions, at the prestigious Enterprise Connect event. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize healthcare communications and collaboration through the integration of advanced cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

One of the standout features of Intermedia Healthcare Solutions is its seamless integration with leading electronic health records (EHR) systems such as Epic Systems, Oracle Cerner, and MEDITECH. This integration enables healthcare providers to access comprehensive patient information instantly, enhancing the efficiency of patient interactions and improving overall workflow.

Intermedia Healthcare Solutions caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes, with a diverse customer base that includes major healthcare municipalities and hospital networks. By addressing key priorities such as patient access to care, improved outcomes, and HIPAA compliance, Intermedia aims to empower healthcare providers to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare with ease.

Jonathan McCormick, COO and CRO at Intermedia, emphasized the importance of effective communication in delivering quality healthcare. He stated, “With Intermedia Healthcare Solutions, our goal is to empower healthcare providers to navigate patient care complexities effortlessly.” McCormick highlighted the seamless integration of essential tools and AI technology to enhance solution performance, ultimately ensuring top-notch care for patients.

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, underscored the significance of comprehensive communications solutions in healthcare. He noted, “Healthcare organizations need communications tools that positively impact the entire patient journey.” Kerravala emphasized the appeal of cloud communications vendors like Intermedia, which offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations and patients.

The launch of Intermedia Healthcare Solutions marks a significant milestone in the realm of healthcare communications, promising to reshape the way healthcare providers deliver care and collaborate effectively in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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