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KPN’s Plan to Boost 4G/5G by Decommissioning 2G Network

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News has been received this week that KPN has unveiled official plans to decommission its 2G network by the end of 2025. This decision, clearly articulated in a post on the operator’s website, is designed to bolster the efficacy and speed of the company’s more contemporary 4G and 5G networks.

In explaining the decision, the post revealed that the phasing out of the 2G network is a response to its dwindling popularity and the rising use of 4G and 5G for internet access. An additional benefit is observed in the ability to repurpose 2G frequencies to enhance the operator’s 4G and 5G network, which in turn makes the networks even more reliable and accelerated.

In an attempt to alleviate customer apprehensions surrounding the 2G shutdown, KPN included an FAQ section in its announcement. This segment detailed the process and requirements for upgrading to 4G/5G devices, providing customers with actionable insights to transition smoothly. KPN also made it clear that it would individually contact customers identified as those who will be most affected by the shutdown to provide advice, thus minimizing potential disruptions.

Recalling past activities on network evolution, KPN had phased out its 3G network as far back as March 2022, but consciously left its 2G network running until December 2025, due to its utility in machine-to-machine communications and as a fallback option for voice communications. Interestingly, KPN’s industry competition, Vodafone Netherlands, has a similar timeline for its own 2G network shutdown.

Comparably, Odido appears to tread on faster tracks, having already accomplished its 2G network shutdown the previous year.

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