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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #15

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Huawei Nears Completion of Shanghai R&D Complex for Semiconductor Innovation

Huawei is close to completing a vast R&D complex in Shanghai, focusing heavily on semiconductor technology, amid challenges from US restrictions on chip supplies. The $1.6 billion facility aims to develop cutting-edge chip equipment in-house, crucial for Huawei’s devices and networks due to US bans on advanced chip manufacturers like TSMC. The complex, covering 224 football fields and designed for 35,000 employees, may recruit experts from major chip firms. If successful, Huawei’s chip self-sufficiency could thwart US efforts to limit China’s tech advancement, though challenges remain in accessing critical technologies. This development may escalate US countermeasures against Huawei.

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Japanese Tech Giants Develop Breakthrough 6G Wireless Device

Fujitsu, NEC, NTT, and DoCoMo jointly unveiled a pioneering ‘top-level sub-terahertz 6G device’ capable of ultra-fast 100 Gbps transmission speeds. The collaborative effort, ongoing since 2021, achieved 100 Gbps data rates over 100-meter distances in the 100 GHz and 300 GHz bands. This accomplishment surpasses current 5G speeds by 20 times. Noteworthy contributions include DoCoMo’s transmission equipment, NTT’s advanced wireless device, NEC’s multi-element antenna, and Fujitsu’s efficient amplifier. As 6G anticipates applications like HD streaming and autonomous vehicle control, the team continues R&D towards sub-terahertz telecommunications and industry standardization.

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MASV Launches Partner Program to Revolutionize Media File Transfer Solutions

MASV, known for its rapid large file transfer platform, has introduced a Solutions Partner Program targeting systems integrators, technology partners, and solution providers. The program simplifies large file transfers for clients using MASV’s cloud-based platform, eliminating the need for additional hardware or IT support. Integration with major cloud services and a no-code approach ensures easy adoption. Partners like Jigsaw24 Media have already benefited from MASV’s dependable solutions, enhancing transfer speeds and reliability. MASV’s user-focused pricing strategy and commitment to security make it a preferred choice for organizations seeking streamlined, secure file transfer workflows. The program offers global reach with multilingual support and compliance with leading cybersecurity standards.

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LEAP Expands Global Reach with Vonage Communications APIs

LEAP, a Singapore-based Horizon Information Technology company, is enhancing its global customer outreach using Vonage’s Communications APIs. By employing Vonage’s SIP Trunking, LEAP gains scalable cloud connectivity, enabling flexible capacity adjustments and cost savings with per-second billing. This partnership empowers LEAP to deliver stable, scalable customer engagement across Southeast Asia, supporting businesses with global clientele. Vonage’s Communications Platform, backed by over one million developers, offers a suite of voice, video, messaging, and email services, fostering digital transformation in the APAC market and beyond. Through this collaboration, LEAP offers businesses a robust, global customer-centric contact center solution.

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