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Report Reveals: Improved Connectivity Vital for Business Growth

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A recent study conducted by Cradlepoint, a subsidiary of Ericsson, shed light on the crucial role of connectivity infrastructure in driving revenue growth for businesses. According to the report, a staggering 98% of technology decision-makers anticipate a revenue increase averaging 19% if they enhance their connectivity systems.

The comprehensive survey, conducted by Censuswide, gathered insights from 2,500 technology decision-makers holding pivotal roles in businesses across the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. Among the findings, 22% of respondents foresee revenue boosts of up to 29% through enhanced connectivity solutions, although the term “improved connectivity” was noted for its vagueness.

In the UK particularly, 47% of participants identified 5G technology as paramount for maintaining the nation’s status as a leading tech hub, surpassing other innovations such as the metaverse, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

However, challenges persist. A significant 32% of respondents pinpointed a lack of digital skills as a barrier hindering the deployment of cellular networks within their organizations. Additionally, 25% cited the complexity of transitioning as a major hurdle.

Despite recognizing the benefits of cellular networks, concerns over security risks, complexity, and skill shortages linger among organizations. James Bristow, SVP EMEA at Cradlepoint, emphasized the need for collaboration between industry leaders and technology partners to address these obstacles effectively.

While surveys often come with inherent biases toward solutions offered by the conducting firm, they still provide valuable insights. Surprisingly, the study noted the comparatively low regard for AI among respondents, placing it below the burgeoning metaverse sector in terms of its perceived impact on maintaining the UK’s tech prowess.

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