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Comcast Expands Now Brand to Address Connectivity Needs Post-Affordable Connectivity Program Closure

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Comcast, the US cable giant, is expanding its prepaid Now brand with new fixed and mobile offerings in response to the impending closure of the Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP). This initiative aims to attract consumers affected by the conclusion of the federal assistance program.

The Now brand, initially launched in May last year as a streaming TV and Wi-Fi hotspot service, is broadening its scope. It will introduce Now Internet, a prepaid fixed broadband service starting at $30 per month for 100 Mbps and $45 for 200 Mbps, offering uncapped data and an Xfinity gateway.

Additionally, Comcast will integrate the Now brand into its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service, Now Mobile, leveraging Verizon’s network. For $25 per line, Now Mobile subscribers will enjoy unlimited 5G data, minutes, and texts, with seamless access to Comcast’s extensive network of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.

The company is currently piloting these services in selected areas, including Hartford to New Haven in Connecticut, Houston, and Miami, with plans for a broader rollout across all Comcast service regions in the coming weeks.

Dave Watson, CEO of connectivity and platforms at Comcast, emphasized the simplicity and quality of the Now offerings, stating, “With Now, we’ve developed a new product construct from the ground up to be simple and easy for anybody who wants Internet, mobile, or TV on their own terms without sacrificing quality.”

Comcast is strategically targeting consumers affected by the ACP closure, which ceased new applications in February due to a lack of funding. Recognizing the void left by the ACP’s end, Comcast aims to fill this gap with Now Internet and Mobile services.

The Now brand, originally launched by Sky in the UK in 2012 and extended to other European markets before entering the US in 2023 under Comcast’s ownership, is now poised to capture a segment of the US market seeking affordable connectivity options.

Comcast’s move to expand Now into fixed and mobile services aligns with the shift in consumer demand post-ACP closure. By providing straightforward and competitive prepaid plans, Comcast anticipates meeting the needs of customers seeking reliable and cost-effective connectivity solutions in a highly competitive market landscape.

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