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Fujitsu and Oracle Collaborate on Sovereign Cloud and AI Solutions

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Fujitsu Limited and Oracle have joined forces to introduce innovative cloud and AI capabilities tailored to the digital sovereignty needs of Japanese enterprises and government agencies. This collaboration focuses on leveraging Oracle Alloy to enhance Fujitsu’s Hybrid IT offerings, particularly its Fujitsu Uvance platform designed to assist clients in business growth and societal problem-solving.

The strategic deployment of Oracle Alloy within Fujitsu Uvance’s Hybrid IT portfolio will incorporate over 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, including cutting-edge generative AI. This integration allows businesses and public entities in Japan to access sovereign cloud infrastructure and AI resources directly from Fujitsu’s local data centers. Notably, Oracle stands out as a hyperscaler uniquely capable of providing comprehensive AI and cloud services on a local scale worldwide.

Kazushi Koga, SEVP of Fujitsu Ltd., emphasized the significance of this partnership in delivering sovereign cloud capabilities while ensuring operational governance by Fujitsu. The goal is to leverage Oracle’s technologies to transform and modernize businesses and society.

Scott Twaddle, senior vice president at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, commended Fujitsu’s forward-looking technology strategy, anticipating a transformative impact on Fujitsu’s customer base.

Toshimitsu Misawa, president of Oracle Japan, highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration in meeting the digital sovereignty needs of Japanese businesses and public institutions, paving the way for advanced cloud technologies, including sovereign AI.

Key outcomes of this collaboration include enabling Oracle Database users to transition to the cloud seamlessly, ensuring safe and secure data management, and offering centralized operational and security policies across various cloud environments.

This collaboration underscores Fujitsu and Oracle’s commitment to advancing cloud solutions tailored to specific regional needs, ensuring data sovereignty, and enhancing operational transparency for Japanese businesses and the public sector.

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