HMD Launches Repairable ‘Pulse’ Smartphones Under Own Brand

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HMD, the company behind Nokia phones, has unveiled its inaugural lineup of self-branded smartphones known as the Pulse series. This move marks a significant departure for HMD, which initially gained traction by leveraging the trusted Nokia name for its handset operations.

The Pulse range comprises three new models aimed at addressing various consumer preferences and budgets. The top-tier model, Pulse Pro, targets selfie enthusiasts with a 50-megapixel front camera and intuitive gesture controls. It boasts 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Meanwhile, the Pulse and Pulse Plus models offer similar features, differing primarily in camera specifications and storage capacity.

What sets these devices apart is their emphasis on repairability, a feature increasingly valued by consumers. HMD’s commitment to repairable design has gained attention, particularly with its partnership with the self-repair community iFixit. This alliance will provide users with resources such as manuals, tools, and replacement parts to facilitate DIY repairs.

The concept of repairable smartphones reflects a shift in consumer attitudes toward sustainability. Research indicates a significant interest among EU and US consumers in devices that are affordable to repair post-warranty. HMD’s proactive stance on repairability aligns with these evolving consumer preferences.

Despite HMD’s strides toward repairability and affordability, some analysts caution against oversaturation in the market. The decision to launch three distinct models within the Pulse series may dilute differentiation and potentially hinder market impact.

Nevertheless, HMD’s initiative to move away from the trend of built-in obsolescence is seen as a positive step toward more sustainable practices in the tech industry. By prioritizing repairability and affordability, HMD aims to cater to consumer demands for environmentally friendly and durable smartphone options.

The launch of the Pulse series represents HMD’s ambition to carve out its identity beyond the Nokia brand, emphasizing innovation and sustainability in the competitive smartphone market. With its focus on user-centric features like repairability, HMD seeks to differentiate itself and resonate with conscientious consumers seeking durable and eco-friendly technology.

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