Quickline Connects First Homes to Project Gigabit Network in Yorkshire

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Quickline, the UK broadband operator, has successfully connected the initial homes to its Project Gigabit-funded full fibre network in Yorkshire, achieving this milestone less than three months after securing the contract.

This achievement, although modest in scale, signifies a promising acceleration in the UK government’s fibre broadband initiative. Project Gigabit, backed by a substantial £5 billion investment to facilitate fibre rollout in remote areas, had faced criticism for delays in implementation until recently. However, progress has accelerated notably in the latter part of last year, with January statistics from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) reporting 4,500 homes now having access to high-speed broadband through the initiative.

Quickline’s recent announcement further underscores this positive trend. The company has begun connecting homes in Escrick, a rural community south of York, with plans to extend coverage to additional households in the coming weeks and months. Although specifics on the number of connected homes were not disclosed, the community itself consists of roughly 380 households.

Escrick’s unique circumstances highlight the significance of this development. The area, characterized by limited local amenities and no mains gas supply, underscores the importance of reliable broadband connectivity for remote communities.

Quickline’s efforts are part of its £60 million funding package, won earlier this year, aimed at connecting 28,000 hard-to-reach homes and businesses across West Yorkshire and the York area. Beyond Project Gigabit, Quickline is also committed to extending fibre to an additional 58,000 premises, demonstrating its dedication to bridging the digital divide in underserved regions.

The company’s proactive approach is exemplified by its CEO, Sean Royce, who emphasized the urgency of addressing rural broadband needs swiftly. “As a dedicated rural provider, we know there are thousands of people who have long been underserved by decent broadband, and it is imperative this is addressed as soon as possible,” Royce stated.

Quickline’s swift action in deploying fibre infrastructure aligns with the government’s ambitions under Project Gigabit, which aims to significantly expand high-speed internet access across the UK. Despite the challenges ahead, Quickline’s progress signifies a promising step forward in narrowing the digital divide in remote communities.

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