Telefónica Tech Enhances Cybersecurity with Microsoft AI Integration

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Telefónica Tech has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to enhance its cybersecurity services by incorporating Microsoft’s AI tools. This partnership aims to provide customers with proactive, integrated, and automated real-time security management.

The integration involves merging Telefónica Tech’s current cybersecurity offerings—including detection and response, identity access management, cyber threat intelligence, and data protection—with Microsoft’s AI solutions like the Copilot for Security tool. These advanced security measures will be managed by Telefónica Tech’s teams at their Digital Operations Centres in Madrid, Bogotá, and Colombia, ensuring continuous 24/7 protection.

In February, Microsoft launched its Responsible AI Innovation Center (RAIIC) in Spain, with Telefónica Tech and 15 other firms participating. The center’s mission is to promote the secure and responsible use of AI, developing training sessions and guidelines for safe AI application.

“This global cooperation between Telefónica Tech and Microsoft is a key milestone,” said María Jesús Almazor, COO of Telefónica Tech for Spain and the Americas. She emphasized that companies worldwide will benefit from the digitization of processes and jobs through generative AI tools, all while maintaining maximum security.

Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, echoed this sentiment, highlighting that the collaboration will enable innovative security solutions powered by AI, enhancing customers’ cyber-resilience.

Microsoft has been actively expanding its global AI footprint. Last October, it announced a A$5 billion investment in Australia to boost its cloud computing and AI infrastructure. In April, Microsoft committed $2.9 billion to AI and cloud infrastructure in Japan, marking its largest investment in the region. Additionally, Microsoft formed a 10-year, $1.5 billion partnership with Vodafone, invested $1.5 billion in UAE-based AI company G42, and launched the Microsoft AI London hub in the UK.

This partnership between Telefónica Tech and Microsoft is poised to leverage these global advancements, bringing cutting-edge AI-driven cybersecurity solutions to a wider market.

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